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Launch of new fashionable eyelash products

Different times have different aesthetics. People’s needs are constantly changing. Fashion knows no borders or domains. The mainstream fashion in 2020 is gradient colors. The global theme is to protect the environment. ProluxuryLashes also launched a new eyelash box based on this trend-gradient eyelash box——2020 new eyelash box.

Gradient colors give people a mysterious and romantic atmosphere with endless changes. The blue gradient color gives a fresh feeling. You will feel refreshed and happy when you see this box, as if you have seen the sea and the sky.

A touch of green and a little gold in the blue make this box more noble.

Behind this 2020 new eyelash box are 40mm extra long mink eyelashes. The purpose of this eyelashes is to make people better dress up for festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas and so on. This 40mm mink eyelashes are also widely used in stage shows and fancy dress parties. It has become the first choice for actors to highlight their facial makeup.

Professional And Luxury Lashes Wholesale

Welcome to ProluxuryLashes the Professional And Luxury Lashes Wholesale in China. Fortunately, you found us. Fortunately, we can show you the most popular and best-selling high-end eyelashes in the United States!

ProluxuryLashes has 15 years of eyelash production experience, providing various types of 3D mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, bamboo protein fiber eyelashes, horse hair eyelashes, transparent band eyelashes, bottom eyelashes, colorful eyelashes. We are the innovators in the eyelash industry. The first 3D mink eyelashes are from ProluxuryLashes, and the first 25mm 3d mink eyelashes are from ProluxuryLashes. In 2020, ProluxuryLashes has launched a new generation of cruelty free eyelashes-BPF (Bamboo Protein Fiber) wand eyelash.

Always provide customers with the most high-end eyelash and services, so that each partner continues to profit.

ProluxuryLashes’ mission

Whether you are a professional buyer who has been in the eyelash industry for many years, or you want to start your own eyelash business, ProluxuryLashes can purchase eyelash products suitable for your business development and enjoy our comprehensive, meticulous and thoughtful business support services.

Choosing ProluxuryLashes means choosing success!

Professional And Luxury Lashes Wholesale will help you expand into a larger lahes market

ProluxuryLashes only makes high-end 3D mink eyelashes. If you want to choose cheap eyelashes or poor quality eyelashes, then your business will only be a small business, then it will never be a brand, you will never be able to rule fashion and get more opportunities to make money.

You should believe me, because I don’t have to earn 100 pairs of eyelashes from your order. Our mission is to make every partner continue to be profitable. I look forward to allowing you to sell more than 10,000 pairs of eyelashes every month and make greater profits.

Mutual benefit and win-win is our constant pursuit.

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Choose Professional And Luxury Lashes Wholesale ProluxuryLashes to make success easy!

Do you want to have your own business?

Do you want to make your free time meaningful and valuable? Someone always asks me: “Peggy, I don’t have enough capital and energy, so I can’t make money? What should I do?” I will tell her/him, why not own eyelash business? It sounds difficult. However, in ProluxuryLashes, many people have no experience, but in the end they have achieved great success. Such things are happening every day.

What made them succeed in their eyelashes business?

Because they chose ProluxuryLashes, the Professional And Luxury Lashes Wholesale, because we have a comprehensive support plan for eyelash business entrepreneurship. We have helped more than 1,000 small eyelash entrepreneurs to start their own eyelash business, and now they earn more than 800 US dollars in extra income from their eyelash business every week. These incomes are helping them enjoy a better life, complete their own University education, raising children to grow up, or starting a foreign trip at any time, etc.

From now on, learn about the eyelash business-America’s most profitable personal entrepreneurial project! Immediately click on the WhatsApp icon on the right to contact me, or click here to learn about eyelashes first. Of course, you can also directly start shopping now, the eyelashes you want. To make the selection easier, please click below👇👇👇

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How to start your own eyelash business?

2021 Best selling 25mm luxury eyelash manufacturer in the U.S.

If you are just starting your eyelash business or plan to upgrade your eyelash products, have more loyal customers. I think it is necessary to choose the following 8 high-end 25mm mink eyelashes. These 8 eyelashes are very popular in the North American market and have just begun to be popular. If you can seize the opportunity in the market, your business will grow bigger and bigger, More and more benefits.

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The first choice for upgrading eyelash products, the first choice for larger eyelashes business

You are in the eyelash business, and you must want to make your eyelash business bigger and bigger, so you must know how important it is to choose an excellent manufacturer!

I hope you can continue reading to understand how ProluxuryLashes is different from other vendors, because we really want to do long-term business with you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the product features in detail. Of course, if you want to communicate with me directly, please click the WhatsApp:+86 18563925813 button on the bottom right to contact me!

💕🏆Why choose ProluxuryLashes?🏆✨

  • 📔Excellent eyelash designer, creating explosive eyelash styles
  • 📕Dedicated eyelash craftsmen, creating quality eyelashes
  • 📗Advanced production management system, to create a stable supply of high consistency and eyelashes
  • 📒Comprehensive marketing support services, creating many miracles of eyelash performance

📔Excellent eyelash designer, creating explosive eyelash styles


A good eyelash designer must always pay attention to consumers, and he can create products that move consumers.
A good eyelash designer must be full of curiosity about everything, catch the fashion trend in the first time, and create market-leading products in time.
A good eyelash designer must strive for perfection in product quality. He not only pays attention to the beauty of the design drawings, but also requires that every eyelash produced by the actual product is perfect.

Always imitated, never surpassed .

2019 U.S. Eyelashes Sales Champions List

📕 Dedicated eyelash craftsmen, creating quality eyelashes

The initial stage of our eyelash craftsman is training. After a long time of training, we can only start the operation after the examination.All eyelash is craftsman pure hand make, braid is good again use glue agilate, every step is to go to finish seriously.They make eyelashes that don’t break.The product has high similarity and high resilience.The temperature control is very good.High-quality eyelashes can withstand any test.

📗Advanced production management system, to create a stable supply of high consistency and eyelashes

📒Comprehensive marketing support services, creating many miracles of eyelash performance

More and more girls are becoming Girlbosses by starting their own eyelash business!

The following is the wearing video of our customers. ProluxuryLashes will change the display regularly. I hope you will be the next one!

In order to provide customers with full-process services, we also make full use of the complete supply chain and strong manufacturing capabilities in China to carefully select cost-effective eyelash accessory vendors for customers.

Customized 2021 U.S. Latest Eyelash Box vendor

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Customize the best quality waterproof and hyposensitive eyelash glue vendor

Click here to customize your quality eyelash glue

Customized various color style eyelash tweezers vendor

Click here to customize your quality eyelash tweezers

Always provide customers with the most high-end eyelash products and services, so that every partner can continue to profit


Shipping Methods

Usually, we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only usd30.00 below 0.5kg. It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPSFedEx, TNT, ADPEXDPEX and so on. Just meet your request. 


1. Do you do samples?

Yes, sample order is accepted.

2.What’s the material of your lashes?

100% real mink fur.

3. Can I customize my own package and logo?

Yes, we can do customized logo and package.

How To Contact High-end Private Custom Eyelashes Vendor

Online Shop: www.proluxurylashes.com

Email: jessie@qdcannes.com



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