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There Are Many Companies Of Lashes, Why Did I Choose Proluxury Lashes ?

With the increasing demand for 3d Mink Lashes, There are more and more Eyelash Companies in this era, so why did I choose this company choose Lashes? There are several reasons for this:

1.100% Handmade Lashes

Because the Lashes of Cannes Lashes are handmade, In pursuit of perfection, Each eyelash is carefully selected by a patient worker with a pointed tip.
Each eyelash is placed by a skilled craftsman. Pursuing the right and left symmetry, the pursuit of high quality Eyelashes.
Handmade Lashes are soulful and give people great appeal.

100% Handmade Lashes

2. Lash Band

About the Eyelash Band, the eyelash band is thin and clean, the Glue is developed exclusively:, And obtain the national patent protection.
Our eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable. Mink Lashes can be used for 20-25 times.

This is our model with lashes.
I think very beautiful, And you?

3. Lash Design

The company has its own design team, Constantly designing New Lash Styles.
And what are the advantages of constantly designing Mink Lash styles, please click here to see my blog.

4. Delivery Time

In this age, Time is money.
We have our own factory, Stock, And guarantee the fastest delivery time to help you occupy the Lash Market.

5. Mass Production Quality

Workers have many years of experience, We guarantee to do our utmost to ensure the consistency of samples and mass production.

But some companies with very low prices, In order to obtain orders, The quality of large goods and samples are not the same.

6. Lashes Packaging

With our own design team, As long as you have your own ideas.
The designer will make a rendering of the results after the order is confirmed.

This is a kind of our packaging boxes.

Our business personnel are patient, Considerate, Always think of you, Urgent you urgent, Is your strong and reliable backing!
So I choose Proluxury Lashes!

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Why should we constantly design new styles?

As mentioned before, The high price of Eyelashes is not only because of high quality, But also because workers are skilled.
Another reason is to need designers to continuously design new styles of Lashes. See my blog for details. Click here:

So why do we constantly design new styles of Eyelashes?

Today, With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards all over the world, People begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction! People begin to purse fashion!

In order to keep up with the trend of the time, We must read more books, constantly improve ourselves, Make up, And be confident and work hard in this highly competitive society.

But”like the new and hate the old is the normal human nature”.
People will continue to buy new clothes; Try different makeup; And constantly try new 3D Mink Lashes. Changing different styles!

  • Constantly changing styles will attract more people’s attention;
  • Constantly changing styles will bring you a good mood;
  • Constantly changing styles can find their own different beauty.

And thus have a better mood for life and work.

Based on this, We not only pursue the realistic nature of Lashes,
But also pursue the constant design of new styles of 3D Mink Lashes, Or natural; Or sexy; Or cute; Or exaggerated…
let you always pursue different yourself, Pursue your own fashion.

Constantly design new styles to meet the needs of customers in different occasions:

Meetings, Weddings, Parties, Stage, Etc.,
Different occasions need to match different clothes, Different makeup, Also need different styles of Mink Lashes.

Model with lashes become more beautiful.

Therefore, we as a mink eyelash vendor , We should:

  • We should constantly design new styles;
  • Constantly bring surprise to our customers;
  • Constantly bring new business opportunities to our customers.

Consumers like fresh, They like to try new things at the first time,

As an Eyelash Vendor we will have to constantly design new  Mink Lash styles, Bring consumers a different experience at the first time.
Eliminate those competitors who can only imitate, And ensure that everyone who cooperates with us has a firm market share!

Proluxury Mink Lashes Wholesale like to work with you hand in hand to open new market!

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Proluxury Mink Lashes —-Price Always Determines Quality!

Why we always say that the price determine the quality of the Mink Lashes?
Because the process of Producing Lashes, we guarantee that each process is of high quality.

What are the requirements for producing High Quality Eyelashes?

First of all, in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, the selected workers must be serious, careful, patient. The basic qualities of these workers are high, and each eyelash is made according to design requirements. Workers have these high qualities to ensure that the lashes are having high quality! And these good workers must also pay correspondingly high rewards.

This is our factory worker.
He is focusing on Making Lashes.

Then, If in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, It has high requirement for designers. They study different eye shapes, Different people’s temperament, Different makeup.
And design eyelashes according to these trends. For these senior designers, we also need to pay higher rewards to them.

There are other designers who have no ideas, And only imitates, But imitation is popular after the fashion or the product has become obsolete. That misses the best business opportunity and the best sales time for the customer.

What are the advantages of high quality 3d Mink Lashes?

  • Consistency

High quality Mink Lashes, Guaranteed consistency of large mount lashes and samples.Custom do not need to check lashes every time when they receive lashes.Direct sale,Saving a lot of manpower,Material and financial resources.

  • Perfect

High quality lashes guarantee that every pair of lashes is perfect.
Having high market acceptance, Selling fast, Capital turnover rate is also high.
On the contrary, Low-priced lashes have some defective lashes,which seem to be low in price. In fact, it is better to buy high quality lashes, Which more save money.

  • Wearing feeling

High price and high quality lashes don’t feel eye-catching,.No pressure feeling, Let you bloom yourself all day long.
But wearing low quality lashes, You will feel eye-catching, And lashes have weight, So you will always worry, Can not concentrate on doing things. 

  • Effect

High price and high quality lashes let your lashes more natural and really, Full of confidence. Full of confidence will take your nice mood. Good mood can brings good luck!
But wearing low quality lashes looks fake, Making your entire look low and affecting quality of life. 

This is our company model.
She wearing lashes let she more beautiful.
  • Period

High Quality Lashes, It’s price is also high. But it has a long wearing period and can be used 20-25 times. Actually only $0.20 per time.
But poor quality Lashes are only used once and twice, Each time you need to spend one or two dollars. High-quality Mink Lashes are expensive when they are bought, But they actually cheap to use.

In order to obtain orders, The products on the market are reported to the customers at low prices, And the workers with poor quality are used to make the lashes.
The samples look good, But there is no guarantee that the large mounts of lashes and the samples are consistent. Many customers are thus deceived.

Therefore, We must support progressive people and support high quality 3D Mink Lashes!

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How do you face when customers ask for prices?

when you are standing by the river, you must have a heart which want to see the sea. 

In recent days, there are several customers who ask me about the price of Mink Lashes. When your customers ask about your Lashes Price, How do you deal with it?

Since the customer asked you about the price of the 3D Lashes, It means that he is conscious of the Eyelashes and interested in the Lashes.

Since they contact you, As long as not a peer, You should cherish it. Now the time is very valued, The customer will not spend time asking your price for no reason.

Unless it is a peer to inquire about the price. If it is a peer, Do not care about.

But customers are interested in 3d Mink Lashes China, But when they are not very professional, You need help and guidance. You need to understand the customer’s situation, Seek the customer’s confusion, And where is the need for help?

When the customers contacts you, You have to think about his words. And see where his needs for Lashes are.

When he asks the Lashes Price directly, You should not rush to answer the price. First ask him a few simple questions. The customer is easy to answer and you can grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Do you buy Mink Lashes for yourself or sell?” “Have you bought 3d Lashes before?” “What style of Mink Lashes USA do you like?” “How many pairs of Lashes do you want?”, etc., According to different customer. Ask their situation.

After understanding the customer’s demand point, You can make some suggestions to the customers. After the valuable information is provided, Tell the customer that he can make a choice according to his own situation!

Don’t force, Don’t worry, Let customers make decisions!

After understanding the customer situation, Customers can basically be divided into two categories:

  • First, They want to buy their own 3d Mink Lashes.
  • Second, Customers who want to do Lashes Business.

How do you guide customers who want to Wear Lashes to judge ?

We are very happy that we can help you. 3D Mink Lashes has a variety of styles, It is recommended that you choose different styles of Lashes, Wear Eyelashes for different occasions.

DX, DH, DB style long Lashes will make you more sexy and beautiful, DM, A style Lashes will make you more natural, cute and beautiful.

If you want to try a different style, it is recommended that you try each style.

Here are the different effects of our models Wearing Different Lashes:

This lashes make her more cute and beautiful.
This lashes make her more sexy and beautiful.

How do you guide customers who want to do Lash Business to judge ?

We are very happy that we can help you. 3D Mink Lashes is divided into grades. Before you decide to purchase, you must clearly distinguish the Lashes Grade.

The high-end Lashes are relatively expensive and can be used repeatedly for 20-25 times. It is also comfortable to wear and has no pressure. The cost per wear is low.

The low-end eyelashes are low in price, Can not be reused, And are unnatural. The cost per wear is much higher. The hair is hard, The eyeliner is hard, The placement time is long and easy to break, And there is no hair tip.

So choose the most high-end Lashes and choose the price which more competitive.

Then our products are just right for you, Because our quality is high,
Of course, Our price is very cheap compared to the quality, Our cost performance is very high, Different grades of products are not the same price.

It is recommended that customers Buy samples to compare product market acceptance, product quality and service. Master the rhythm of the negotiations and step up the customer to reach a deal.

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How to upload products in Ali?

If you want to do lashes Industry through Ali.

First of all, You have to make sure that you have enough products on your Alibaba account.

And that you can upload new products every day.
Upload products every day, which will increase your exposure. It is easier for customers to search for your Mink Lashes products.

When uploading a Lash, You first need to choose some suitable keywords. The choice of keywords can be selected according to Ali’s hot search.

I found these words:
Mink Lashes, 25 mm Mink Eyelash Packaging Box custom , Mink Eyelashes Vendor, Lashes 3D. These all be hot searched on Ali, Using these keywords to describe Eyelashes.

Second, Using a product name that appeals to your customers.

  • When you edit product information:
  • Be aware that some information must be filled out.

For example, the Lashes Material , the Lashes length , So that when customers browse your eyelash products, they can save more time to choose the eyelashes they want.

  • When you choose Lashes pictures:
  • A total of six pictures, The main picture must be clear.

The size should not exceed 5M, Can express the 3d Lash products to be sold, If the main picture size is not standard, The main picture should be white as much as possible.

If the picture is not clear enough, The quality score of the product will be reduced immediately.

Like Following Pictures :

And also you can show Lashes Packing with lashes. Like following:

Finally, the details page:

The details page is a detailed display of your Mink Lashes to the customer, Which requires pictures of the Lashes taken from various aspects.
such as the front, Side, And a pair of lashes placed in a picture.

The details page also should introduces your own Lashes Factory, Because the factory is relatively more competitive.

Introducing the Eyelash Box and giving customers more choices. Introducing Payment Methods and Transportation Methods, So that those who are anxious to receive lashes can place orders in time when you can’t reply to them in the evening.

All in all, A detailed description of your Lashes, Considerate more about customers, Continuous uploading of 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Everything will become easier!

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How to take photos of Mink Lashes with boxes?

After learning to take photos of 3d Mink Lashes, I began to learn how to take pictures of the Eyelashes USA with the box.

Because you not only need show your Mink Lashes to your customers in detail, 

But also choose the right box for the customers in need,

And then shoot them with the camera to give customers a better choice.

The company has lots of different style boxes. 

When I was taking photos,I not only choose the appropriate 3D Mink Lashes Packing according to the 3d Mink Lashes.

But also matched the shooting style according to the shape and color of the box.

During that time, I found the following points:

First of all, According to the style of the Lashes choose the Mink Eyelashes lashes China .

For example, DX series Lashes, You must choose a large square box to put DX series Lashes. The following is DX series Mink Lashes :

For example, DH and DB series Lashes Packing should also use large boxes, square boxes or larger Rectangular Boxes.

The following is DB series Lashes:

For example, the 3D or some A series of Eyelashes can be used in Round Boxes, Diamond-Shaped Boxes, small Square Boxes, and small Rectangular Boxes. The following is 3D Series Lashes:

 I personally prefer Diamond-Shaped Boxes, Sparkling, And maybe teenagers also love it. Like following:

Each customer has a different aesthetic. When you put a different style of box, there may be more possibilities to attract customers.

You can make decorations with some flowers, Lashes Glue, Or Lashes scorpion. It can make photos more beautiful.

  The most important thing is to clearly show the 3D Mink Lashes when you taking photos of the boxes,

So that customers can better understand what the Eyelashes look like in this box.

  If you are just starting to do the Eyelash Industry, Have you noticed these points?

Not only the box should be displayed from all angles, But also the eyelashes in the box should be clearly displayed.

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How to choose the Best Eyelash Supplier?

Today, there are many Mink Eyelashes Manufacturers on the market, And the quality is uneven.

It is especially important for dealers to choose High Quality Eyelash suppliers.

The quality of the dealer’s products not only determines whether the dealer can occupy a certain market share.

But also determines whether the dealer can have High-Quality Eyelashes to lead the development of the Eyelash Market.

If the quality of the Eyelashes is good,

The customer will buy your 3d Mink Lashes again, Or even become a lifelong customer, And perhaps recommend the Mink Lashes to her friends.

Due to the inferior Lashes currently on the market, I would like to make some suggestions to people who are 3d Lashes seller:

First, make sure that an excellent Eyelash Supplier China,

Which can ensure that the quality of his sample is consistent with a large number of Natural Lashes.

With Pure Lashes, we will do our utmost to ensure consistency.

Secondly, To ensure the consistency of the 3D Lashes of two eyes,

Whether the left eye and the right eye are symmetrical,

Whether the hairs of the left eye and the right eye are the same,

If the difference between the left eye and the right eye is too large,

One eye will appear large One eye will be small,

Which is also a reason that affects consumers’ purchase of Mink Lashes.

Most importantly, A good Lashes Supplier can depends on his ability to develop New Lashes for dealers on a regular basis,

And help dealers lead the Eyelashes Market.

After all, young people like to pursue freshness, and the unchanging Lashes USA may not satisfy the consumer’s pursuit.

In short, it is especially important to choose a Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor.


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Will Lashes Price be the only criterion for your choice of Mink Lashes?

When you buy 3D Mink Lashes, Will you choose it only because of the price of Lashes?

I think it should not be. Price is not the only standard, Just like buying snacks or buying clothes, I think you will not choose it because of its low price.

When you buy Mink Eyelashes China, you must consider the quality of the eyelashes.

Of course, customers usually ask the price first, The price is the basis, But if the Natural Lashes have high price, Then it must have its reason.

We also compare other eyelashes and find that there are many differences.

 First, it looks different.

Secondly, after Wearing The Lashes, There are also Greatly different, You will find our Long Lashes Attractive is really beauty.

The following is our lashes VS other company’s lashes:

I don’t know if you have experienced as this situation:

You liked something for a long time, And you not bought it because of its high price,

But your heart has been thinking about it everyday, and in the end it you will buy it.

Just like Mink Lashes USA, You like an eyelash, But because it’s expensive and doesn’t buy it,

I suggest you buy two pairs of Different Lashes. After comparison, I think you will fall in love with our eyelashes.

No longer entangled in its Price. Because we are a Best Eyelash Vendor.

Wearing Lashes for a more beautiful oneself.

To seek perfection.

I suggest you to try our Mink Lashes and then decide which eyelash you want to buy.

Do not deny it just because it’s price.

You ‘ll find PROLUXURY LASHES can help you it will help you Buy Lashes more reasonably.

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Why Are More And More People Choosing 3D Mink Lashes?

Why are 3D Mink Lashes USA becoming more popular both at home and abroad?

Why Mink Eyelashes can be made into a company?

Why would customers have to find a Best Eyelash Vendor ?

I can only say that because 3D Mink Lashes Cruelty Free are really popular!

Because everyone loves beauty, everyone wants to pursue a more beautiful oneself;
Because Natural Lashes really make you discover a different yourself.

If you are also doing Mink Lashes, Don’t you find that more and more people are buying Mink Eyelashes China?
 In fact, I was very curious at first. After all, it is only a Small Eyelashes. How many people will buy it?

Small to individual , Some young foreigners who love beauty and pursue beauty,

Big to eyelash sellers, and some beauty shop businesses, some net star, will choose to buy eyelashes.

And this part of the people will choose the uniform eyelashes of their own factory, such as the beauty shop business.

If his customers are satisfied with the Natural Eyelashes, he will buy The style eyelashes again, which requires the eyelash styles to be the same.

FYI, we have our own Mink lashes Factory. Workers are top-notch in technology, why can our eyelashes be uniform? Because a worker practise one style and tends to be perfect.

If you are also doing Mink Eyelashes, you should achieve the uniformity of eyelashes under the premise of ensuring the quality of lashes, because then your customers will be more and more.

But, I remind you carefully, As Mink Lashes are pure handmade, We can not assure you the very same style. But assure you the most same of the styles. That is also the charming and special feature of pure hand made products.

The Following is the worker from our factory who is produce eyelashes with heart:

Because everyone wants to pursue a better self, They will choose different types of lashes to try different styles,

Choose different lashes for different occasions, and show their beauty in all aspects.
If you are an individual who wants to buy 3D Mink Lashes, be sure to try different styles of lashes,
just like the fashion lashes of DM style, I recommend you some as follows:

The Natural Lashes of A style, the sexy and Long lashes Attractive of DX style,I recommend you some as follow:

Only when you try different styles of lashes, you will find Different ones. May be you will shocked by your own beauty!

In the following age, lashes USA have become a symbol of fashion. If you haven’t tried lashes yet, just try it and you will love it.
If you have tried lashes, you can try different styles. There will one that appeal you.
If you are a seller of lashes, you can provide more Mink lashes China for your customers to choose.


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Working life after entering the company

 I have been in the company for two weeks, and I have begun to get familiar with my work. I haven’t understood the eyelashes from the beginning, and now I can roughly distinguish the eyelashes. I think I have learned a lot in these two weeks and have grown a lot. In my twenties, I think that learn knowledge and improve ability are the most important. If you are just getting into the eyelash industry, let’s take a deeper look at eyelashes。

  On the first day of the company’s work, first thing is follow the designer to take pictures. A good salesman should know how to take pictures to show your products better to customers. At the beginning, I don’t use a camera and PS don’t know much. The beginner started to learn how to take pictures. At this time, I realized it is important to take pictures. The same product may show different appearances because of your shooting angle or light problems. If you are just taking a photo, you can try to how to show the curvature of the eyelashes, thus can attract more customers. During the process of taking pictures, we found our company’s design has a persistent pursuit of product photos, which further feels the company’s rigorous and serious attitude towards eyelashes.

  The company’s colleagues are very friendly. I feel that working in a good working atmosphere will make you feel good, improve your work interest and improve your work efficiency. Colleagues, like friends, in our break time, we will chat and talk about some things about ourselves work.

  The company provides afternoon tea. When the afternoon work is tired, you can eat some biscuits and candy. You can stand by the window and look at the scenery outside. It will bring nice mood. The company’s humanized management makes people more passionate about work. There are also some professional knowledge books, you can read these books in your free time to increase your knowledge.

  In fact, taking pictures plays a big role in understanding and familiarizing with products, because you need to stare at the eyelashes, how to show its most beautiful appearance, just like the DX eyelashes, which length is 28mm, I think DX eyelashes very sexy and beautiful. I have seen the picture, which the company’s foreigner model wearing the DX eyelashes, it is very attractive. If you are also interested in the eyelash industry, you can choose several different types of eyelashes to see what lash are suit for you.