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Why Are The Eyelashes That You Sell To Customers Being Returned By The Customer?

Many people only look at the price of the product when Purchasing Mink Eyelashes. The Lashes Price in the Internet era is very transparent. No one dares to ask for a high price unless the product is really worth it.

One custom who do lash business

One customer told me that the individual lashes she had sold had been complained by many customers. She wants to re-find the eyelash supplier.In response to this question, I want to say:

Because our products are elegant, High quality, Good selling, Many suppliers take the pictures of our 3D Mink Lashes to the customer to confirm, Give customers a low price to fight for orders, And the actual received goods and confirmed products are completely different, the Mink Lashes Quality is not uniform.

Wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor–100% handmade lashes

The Market Response from different designers is different. The Lashes Designed by a good designer always lead the market. He knows the consumer demand of the final consumer. How to give the final consumer a different feeling?

Bad designers will only copy and imitate. It is not possible to make a different product from the perspective of the final consumer.

The products made by different levels of workers are completely different. The understanding of the designer’s concept by the workers and the understanding of the beauty of the products by the workers are different. Good workers can Directly Grasp The Designer’s Philosophy in every process, and every process can be perfect!

The goods that are made are not sold well, and the products that the workers come out are rough and ugly. You can’t bring beauty when you bring them, but it is uncomfortable or even ugly. What you face is the constant return of consumers!

In the Internet age, we have no reason to give you high prices. In the same product quality, our price is the best! We just want to bring you More Business Opportunities, just want you to bring the Most Beautiful Eyelashes in the first place.

Win-win cooperation can last!

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The Books Of The Eyelashes

In this era, Not only The Demand For Lashes is increasing, But people also like Different Styles Of Eyelashes. Therefore, In foreign Beauty Shops, Lash books Eyelashes are more popular. The eyelash book not only looks high-end atmosphere, but also really convenient.

If you are running your beauty shop, I suggest you have An Eyelash Book Of Your Own Brand, Which not only makes you more professional, But also gives your customers more choices. Proluxurylashes is customer-centric and meets our customers’ needs. The following are our eyelash books:

Want to see more ? Please Click here.

Each of our eyelashes is 100% Handmade Mink Eyelashes. When you have a eyelash book, Your customers have more choices. Many style eyelashes will always have one style that she likes.

There are a Variety Of Eyelashes in the eyelash book, As well as 3D Mink Lashes, Eyelash Glue, Eyelash Tweezers and other products. Eyelash book and eyelash styles can be chosen by yourself. Provide Custom Lash Packaging Boxes and Lash Books.If you have a better idea, You can also give us advice.


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You Deserve To Have The Best

Life is short and time passes quickly. You are unique. So why not let yourself have the best things in a limited life? For women, Whether it is cosmetics or clothes, I think people will choose High-Priced Products. The main reason is that because of its Good Quality, Why do you give up because of the high price of eyelashes?

When buying cosmetics, the prices on the market are uneven, and even the price gap is quite large. At this time, will you directly choose the low price to buy? I guess no. Cosmetics with low prices may be fakes and may not have any effect, but will hurt your skin. Therefore, the average person will not choose low-priced cosmetics. The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul. When people communicate with each other, people Pay Attention To the eyes. Therefore, we have no reason to choose low-quality False Mink Eyelashes with poor quality.

For clothes, Clothes are authentic and high imitation, People will not hesitate to choose genuine, Because authentic also symbolizes an identity, Reflecting their own aesthetic and value.

So for fake eyelashes, The Market Price Of Eyelashes is transparent, So the price must be high because of its high quality. Many low-priced eyelashes on The Mink Lash Market will lower prices, lower quality and lower costs in order to get orders. . But customers will only get fewer and fewer.

People’s life is very short, and you have to be good to yourself. You must know that you are unique. You have to be better. You have to enjoy life.


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Different People With Different styles Eyelashes

In order to better understand the products and give our customers better Eyelash Selection, Each of us has chosen a Favorite Mink Lash. We also Wear 3D Mink Lashes to better feel the beauty that the eyelashes bring to us. Because each person’s eyes are different in size and shape, Each person’s Choice Of Eyelash Styles is different.

Let me show you a video, The video of my four colleagues wearing eyelashes.

The first one is my colleague wearing the New Mink Eyelashes–DM30; The second is the DM39–20mm 3D Mink Lashes; The third is the Natural Mink Lashes–A006, The fourth one is the 3D41-2, Which the Hot Selling Mink Lashes.

Do you find that Different Styles Of Lashes worn by everyone are very beautiful? Because everyone has eyelashes that suit them. How long Mink Lashes do you prefer ? Which eyelash do you prefer?

Proluxurylashes not only provides High-Quality Mink Eyelashes, But also we wear eyelashes to show the effect to our customers, And Provide Better Service for our customers. We found that After Wearing False Lashes, the whole person is different from before, Just like makeup, Wearing False eyelashes will also give you a different surprise.


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Proluxury Lashes New Style Eyelashes

Proluxurylashes is customer-centric and wants to help clients do their Mink Lash business. Therefore, Proluxurylashes not only The Quality Of The Eyelashes is the best, But also continuous design New Style Lashes. Only when we continue to Design New Style Lashes, our customers can take the lead in his Mink Lash Market. Better and faster Occupation Of The Lash Market.

Recently, we have design several New Styles Of 3D Mink Lashes. Today, let me briefly introduce one of the eyelashes.

DM30–20mm 3D Mink Lashes

Proluxurylashes is the world’s Largest Supplier Of Eyelashes. The selected mane is natural animal hair, CRUETY FREE Lashes, And hair is spiritual. This eyelash is also 3D Mink Eyelash, Which is realistic and natural, With fine workmanship and natural and sleek, Which can last up to 20-25 times.

Below is a video of the eyelashes:

Want to see more 20mm 3D Mink Lashes? Click here!
If you want to Do Eyelash Business, You must constantly have new styles, So you can get more customers! Proluxurylashes will continue to design new styles to help you Occupy The Eyelash Market!


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American cultural symbol—-Barbie VS Proluxurylashes

As we all know, The Doll Queen Barbie is almost all girls, Even adult female favorite dolls. At the same time, Barbie is also one of the five major symbols of American Culture. It may also because the existence of Barbie, and Americans more like 25mm Mink Long Eyelashes.

The creation of Barbie was inspired by Barbara, The daughter of the United States purchasing toy company co-founder handlers. Barbie, she is different from previous dolls. So at the beginning, She was not greeted by a toy dealer because she was a brand new thing, an adventure, and dealers were reluctant to do so.

But later, Barbie has almost become the beloved of the little girls around the world. With the popularity of this big-eyed, long-haired doll, today’s “Barbie” is not only a toy, It is a Symbol Of American Women, it is A Symbol Of American Culture, Just like McDonald’s and KFC all over the world.

Barbie has been with the little girl since she was a child. Her Big Beautiful Eyes and long eyelashes may give a beautiful definition from an early age, so 3D Mink Long Eyelashes are essential for Americans.

Barbie’s Innovation, Like the 25mm Long Eyelashes we created in last September, Is also a new thing, But it has quickly spread all over the world since its launch, And it is still our Hot Sale Mink Lashes.

This is our some 25mm 3d Mink Lashes, If you want yo see more, Please click here.


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Americans’ pursuit of 25mm long eyelashes

When we talk about Americans, We think of some words, Like hospitality, Open and lively personality, And because of the open personality of Americans, 25mm Long Eyelashes will be popular in the Lash US Market. In general, American customers don’t struggle with buying long eyelashes. When they find me, The goal is clear, That is, To buy 25mm 3D Mink Lashes.

The main content of American culture is to emphasize personal values, Pursue democracy and freedom, And pursue individuality. Therefore, they choose to exaggerate sexy eyelashes. In their eyes, 25mm Long Mink Lashes are perfect.

Today, I will introduce one of the best 25mm long eyelashes we sell—-DH002.
Here are the DH002 long eyelashes taken from three angles:

Click here to see more 25mm 3d Mink Lashes.

This eyelash can be said to be loved by people, Almost all customers like it, Suitable for the pursuit of individuality, This eyelash not only will make you more beautiful, Will make you more sexy and personality. If you want to pursue a different one, try this Mink Eyelash USand it will bring you different surprises.


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Saudi Arabian National Culture And Eyelashes

Every country and nation has its own culture, So the choice of 3D Mink Lashes will be different. A few days ago I met a Saudi Arabian customer who chose 13-16mm Natural Eyelashes when choosing eyelashes, But she was also interested in 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor.

When I added this customer’s Whatsapp, I couldn’t help but praise her because I thought she was too beautiful, Especially her eyes. At the time, I thought she should wear our 25mm Long Eyelashes. When I sent her Mink Lashes catalogue to her for her choice, she chose several 25mm long Lashes, But later, She said 25mm is too long, She wants 13-16mm Natural Mink Lashes.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, Everyone can think of Arab women wrapped in veil, Only revealing two eyes, Because they are recognized by the world as a mysterious family, They strictly believe in Islam,Rarely appear in public places, Even It really wants to appear, And it will cover itself from head to toe and be accompanied by a male relative. But now Arab women are affected by the openness of women’s thoughts. Women in many big cities are gradually abandoning veil and robes, Wearing fashion, And participating in social activities with men.

We have participated in the exhibition in Saudi Arabia . At that time, 3D 25mm Long Lashes were warmly welcomed by them. Below are photos of our participation in the show:

Although this customer chose 13-16mm 3D Natural Mink Eyelashes, She still asked about my 25mm long eyelashes. Therefore, different people have different beliefs about religion, So the choice of eyelashes will be different. For customers who want to Do The Eyelash Business in the Saudi Arabia , We recommend choosing a part of 25mm Long Eyelashes and choosing a part of 13-16mm 3D Natural Lashes!


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Pursue beautiful eyelashes and stick to fitness

As is well known, In foreign countries, People not only want to have Beautiful Eyelashes, But also pay attention to good body, So people like to buy different Types Of Lashes and like fitness. This is pursuit a perfection oneself!

On the weekend, I went to the beach with my friends. In the week, Not only do you have to work hard, But you have to have fun at the weekend. Going out and discovering that the world outside is really beautiful!

The Qingdao City
Proluxurylashes–High Quality Mink Lashes Vendor

In the afternoon, We came to the beach and found a few foreigners playing on the beach. The slight sea breeze, Even if the weather was a bit hot, They chose to exercise. I approached them and watched them play. One of the girls also wore a Natural False Eyelashes, I can not help but sigh, The original 3D Mink Lashes US are really a necessity in foreign countries, Even wear lashes to sports! Although it is not a 25mm Mink Long Lash, It is more natural and gives a natural and beautiful feeling!

I suddenly thought that when you want to swim or exercise in the sun, You must choose Waterproof False Lashes! Proluxurylashes’ eyelashes are not only of good quality, but they don’t have any problems with water, so you can play with confidence. The beauty of appearance is important, but it is also necessary to exercise!

PROLUXURYLASHES makes you more confident! More beautiful!

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How to determine the true and false of the supplier?

Some customers talked about the specific 3D Mink Lashes, But they began to doubt the true and false of the Mink Lash Supplier. They thought that the previous talks were all illusions, And then disappeared. The good Eyelash Business was abandoned.

Of course, we can understand the customer’s fear of being cheated, And the customer is not wrong, Just lacking the reason for her trust. After all, At such a long distance, It is necessary to trade on the Internet.

So, Is there any way to determine the true and false of the supplier for this situation?

First is the field trip, this method can basically be ruled out.

Second, The video call with the Lash Supplier can not only understand the supplier, but also judge his true and false according to his surroundings.

Third, Asks her questions, Such as how to Wear Eyelashes, Such as how to Clean Eyelashes, Such as Eyelash Glue, Eyelash Tweezers, Etc. Professional Eyelash Suppliers should be clear about these issues. Therefore, Through these questions, It is basically possible to judge whether she is a true Lash Supplier.

Most importantly, If you are not sure about the true and false, It is recommended to buy a sample of Mink Lashes US first!

PROLUXURYLASHES – the best eyelash supplier!