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25mm Mink Lashes

Since the launch of the 25mm mink eyelashes in September last year, the 25mm mink eyelashes have quickly exploded around the world and have been popular until now. So, what is the charm of the 25mm mink eyelashes that makes people crazy about it? Let’s take a look at a picture below:

25mm mink eyelashes
Model one eye wearing 25mm mink lash and another eye no lash
Is the eye which wearing lash more attractive?

According to our understanding, Americans are full of personality, their favorite eyelashes are more exaggerated, Dense, And individuality. Therefore, 25mm mink lashes are very hot sale in the US market. In the Middle East market, Those who are not bound by religion also like 25mm mink lashes.

At the beginning, I was not sensitive to the length of the Eyelashes. Later, after seeing the models wearing different lengths of Lashes, I realized that the 3D Lashes of different lengths really gave us different feelings. If you only see the model wearing 13-16mm eyelashes, You will think she is very beautiful, But when you go to see the model wearing 25mm eyelashes, you will feel that she is full of charm, Such a contrast, 13-16mm lashes seems more natural.

25mm mink eyelashes
Like this.

We designed and developed 25mm Mink Lashes. Because of long hair, curved hair and thick hair, It is extremely difficult and time consuming in the lashes making process, But because of this, The 25mm large eyelashes are more popular. Loved by people. We have full confidence in our lashes, our Eyelash Quality is the best, Our eyelashes are unique, Can not be imitated by any other company, Not only the customer chooses the 3D Lashes, We also choose the real Lashes Business people.

Proluxury lashes takes you to the trend of the age and the market, Making you more sexy and beautiful!
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