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Design story behind 3D mink eyelashes bulk-Hera

3D mink eyelashes bulk give you a noble experience like a queen

By chance, I met Mr. Oscar, the designer of this eyelash in the head office. He designed many popular mink lashes for the ProluxuryLashes brand. When I asked him about the inspiration for this product, he asked”Do you know the goddess Hera? “.”Of course. Hera was the wife of Zeus, a very jealous goddess”, I replied quickly. He smiles and shakes his head when he hears this answer. I felt a little confused and then he explained the question. We will give you 3D mink eyelashes bulk.

“Many of the people I met had a stereotyped impression of the goddess Hera. When it comes to Hera, everyone will think of jealousy. But in Greek mythology, Hera was Queen of the OLYMPIAN GODS. And she was also called the chief among the immortals in beauty. What she represents is dignified, generous, and elegant, higher than the beauty of Venus to a certain extent. Many people adore her, but because of her majesty, they dare not get close to her easily. I am from this point of view and then designed this style of eyelashes. They have natural volume, natural length, cross with many small angles, and cross pattern, which can naturally blend with your own eyelashes. It is very suitable to wear for formal occasions, showing elegant and confident beauty…… ” He seriously introduced his design philosophy to me.

  After saying goodbye to Mr. Oscar, I feel that I have benefited a lot. It is because of his excellent designer that our brand can be better and better. I always hope to share the story behind the ProluxuryLashes brand with our customers, so that we can have a deeper understanding. I also firmly believe that the products designed by our designers with a sincere heart will surely move more people.

The legendary series of 3D mink eyelashes bulk are still going on. Do you feel excited? I hope and I’m sure your answer is yes in the future.

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