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About Free Sample Lashes

Several customers have already asked me the same question. “Do you Provide Sample Lashes For Free?” My answer is : Dear customer, We support you to purchase samples to check the Mink Lashes quality and the style, But our samples are not free.

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Maybe you will think that there are a lot of 3D Mink Lash Companies offering samples for free. But, Is the quality of the Free Eyelash Samples really good? Is there a saying that there is no free lunch in the world? Similarly, we don’t provide free lashes sample.

We can confidently say that our Lashes Are Of Good Quality, And we don’t need to send samples by free to sell eyelashes. I hope that you can also understand why those companies will send you eyelash samples for free. Why are eyelashes not sold but free to send you?

Dear customer, If you like our 25MM Mink Lashes US, Don’t hesitate to buy A Few Pairs Of Lash Samples. Of course, You can also choose those free samples to compare with our eyelashes.
You will really feel it, free eyelashes, is it good?

Our Factory workers are Making 3d Mink Lashes US.

Our 100% Handmade Lashes, Each pair of eyelashes have the soul and effort of the workers. We admire and respect the fruits of their labor.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. What we need to do is to give consumers value for every dollar they spend.


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