All Style 3D Mink Lashes catalogue LIST

As one of the most commonly used cosmetics, false eyelashes are an indispensable good friend in many people’s lives, and more and more people have begun to join the eyelash business and establish more and more intimate connections with eyelashes. There are many types, lengths, and styles of eyelashes, and different eyelashes correspond to different occasions and characteristics. I will show you All Style 3D Mink Lashes catalogue LIST.


Premium 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Vendor

Eyelashes with a length of 13mm-15mm are the most popular eyelashes because of their moderate length, which can adapt to most occasions and almost all shapes of eyes can find suitable false eyelashes in this series. They are also the first choice for beginners in the eyelash business. If you master the selection method of this series of eyelashes, you can learn more about other series of eyelash selection methods. And it belongs to All Style 3D Mink Lashes catalogue LIST.

Premium 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Vendor Display-DQ

16-18mm Daily Mink Lashes

Pro brand has been advancing on the road of pursuing beauty, and has been committed to studying the beauty of its own eyelashes, summing up experience and discoveries to create more high-quality products. After many tests, we created 3D MINK LASHES! 3D mink! The advantage of eyelashes is that the roots of the eyelashes are loose and the 3D sense is very strong. Like our own eyelashes, it was important to take advantage of market trends. Choose reliable mink eyelashes wholesale business, mink eyelashes wholesale business is very important.

16-18mm Daily Mink Lashes Display-3D

20-23mm Party Mink eyelash

20mm-22mm 3D mink eyelashes are some of the latest mink eyelashes on the market. They have recently been welcomed in the market. As a supplier of high-end eyelashes, we can provide you with a variety of 20mm-22mm 3D mink eyelashes. We can also customize 20mm-22mm 3D mink eyelashes for you according to your needs. 20mm-22mm 3D mink eyelashes are very suitable for people with deep eye sockets. Because wearing this kind of eyelashes can highlight the characteristics of the eyes and make it more three-dimensional. This is why it is called 3D. 3D eyelashes are generally more attractive, making your eyes bigger and more attractive.

20-23mm Party Mink eyelash Display-DM

25mm luxury mink lash

The 25mm luxury mink eyelashes are innovative mink eyelashes that can meet people’s individual needs. It has longer eyelashes than ordinary mink. This kind of eyelashes is deeply loved by European and American customers. They like to express themselves and can make their makeup more perfect and exaggerated. At the same time, stage workers also pursue 25mm mink eyelashes. Wearing this kind of eyelashes allows the audience to see her beauty from a distance. The 25mm luxury mink eyelashes have a good market development and it is necessary for beginners in the eyelash business to learn more about them.

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25mm luxury mink lash displayDB&DH

DB series eyelashes

28mm Sexy Mink eyelashes

The 28mm long eyelashes are our company’s flagship product. After continuous design and improvement by designers, they represent a trendy fashion concept. They make you more outstanding on major occasions and highlight your charm and beauty. 28mm long eyelashes are in short supply in the market. If you want to start a business through eyelashes, welcome to learn more about our 28mm extra long eyelashes.

28mm Sexy Mink eyelashes display-DX

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Q: Do you want to recommend best-selling products?

A: Yes, we want to recommend popular products to your customers and markets

Q: Do you accept sample orders?

A: Yes. You can choose your favorite model as a sample for testing.

Q: How many times can eyelashes be used?

A: Customer feedback shows that it can be used correctly and gently 25-30 times.

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