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American cultural symbol—-Barbie VS Proluxurylashes

As we all know, The Doll Queen Barbie is almost all girls, Even adult female favorite dolls. At the same time, Barbie is also one of the five major symbols of American Culture. It may also because the existence of Barbie, and Americans more like 25mm Mink Long Eyelashes.

The creation of Barbie was inspired by Barbara, The daughter of the United States purchasing toy company co-founder handlers. Barbie, she is different from previous dolls. So at the beginning, She was not greeted by a toy dealer because she was a brand new thing, an adventure, and dealers were reluctant to do so.

But later, Barbie has almost become the beloved of the little girls around the world. With the popularity of this big-eyed, long-haired doll, today’s “Barbie” is not only a toy, It is a Symbol Of American Women, it is A Symbol Of American Culture, Just like McDonald’s and KFC all over the world.

Barbie has been with the little girl since she was a child. Her Big Beautiful Eyes and long eyelashes may give a beautiful definition from an early age, so 3D Mink Long Eyelashes are essential for Americans.

Barbie’s Innovation, Like the 25mm Long Eyelashes we created in last September, Is also a new thing, But it has quickly spread all over the world since its launch, And it is still our Hot Sale Mink Lashes.

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