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Americans’ pursuit of 25mm long eyelashes

When we talk about Americans, We think of some words, Like hospitality, Open and lively personality, And because of the open personality of Americans, 25mm Long Eyelashes will be popular in the Lash US Market. In general, American customers don’t struggle with buying long eyelashes. When they find me, The goal is clear, That is, To buy 25mm 3D Mink Lashes.

The main content of American culture is to emphasize personal values, Pursue democracy and freedom, And pursue individuality. Therefore, they choose to exaggerate sexy eyelashes. In their eyes, 25mm Long Mink Lashes are perfect.

Today, I will introduce one of the best 25mm long eyelashes we sell—-DH002.
Here are the DH002 long eyelashes taken from three angles:

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This eyelash can be said to be loved by people, Almost all customers like it, Suitable for the pursuit of individuality, This eyelash not only will make you more beautiful, Will make you more sexy and personality. If you want to pursue a different one, try this Mink Eyelash USand it will bring you different surprises.



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