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Proluxury Mink Lashes——Quality Always Determines Price!

Why we always say that Eyelash quality determines price?
Because the process of Producing Lashes, we guarantee that each process is of high quality.

What are the requirements for producing High Quality Eyelashes?

First of all, in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, the selected workers must be serious, careful, patient. The basic qualities of these workers are high, and each eyelash is made according to design requirements. Workers have these high qualities to ensure that the lashes are having high quality! And these good workers must also pay correspondingly high rewards.

This is our factory worker.
He is focusing on Making Lashes.

Then, If in order to produce high-quality eyelashes, It has high requirement for designers. They study different eye shapes, Different people’s temperament, Different makeup.
And design eyelashes according to these trends. For these senior designers, we also need to pay higher rewards to them.

There are other designers who have no ideas, And only imitates, But imitation is popular after the fashion or the product has become obsolete. That misses the best business opportunity and the best sales time for the customer.

What are the advantages of high quality 3d Mink Lashes?


High quality Mink Lashes, Guaranteed consistency of large mount lashes and samples.Custom do not need to check lashes every time when they receive lashes.Direct sale,Saving a lot of manpower,Material and financial resources.


High quality lashes guarantee that every pair of lashes is perfect.
Having high market acceptance, Selling fast, Capital turnover rate is also high.
On the contrary, Low-priced lashes have some defective lashes,which seem to be low in price. In fact, it is better to buy high quality lashes, Which more save money.

Wearing feeling

High price and high quality lashes don’t feel eye-catching,.No pressure feeling, Let you bloom yourself all day long.
But wearing low quality lashes, You will feel eye-catching, And lashes have weight, So you will always worry, Can not concentrate on doing things. 

Eyelash quality determines  price

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High price and high quality lashes let your lashes more natural and really, Full of confidence. Full of confidence will take your nice mood. Good mood can brings good luck!
But wearing low quality lashes looks fake, Making your entire look low and affecting quality of life. 

Eyelash quality determines  price

This is our company model.
She wearing lashes let she more beautiful.


High Quality Lashes, It’s price is also high. But it has a long wearing period and can be used 20-25 times. Actually only $0.20 per time.
But poor quality Lashes are only used once and twice, Each time you need to spend one or two dollars. High-quality Mink Lashes are expensive when they are bought, But they actually cheap to use.

In order to obtain orders, The products on the market are reported to the customers at low prices, And the workers with poor quality are used to make the lashes.
The samples look good, But there is no guarantee that the large mounts of lashes and the samples are consistent. Many customers are thus deceived.

ProluxuryLashes adheres to the concept of quality first to produce eyelashes. Each pair of our eyelashes is the artwork of eyelash designers. Art is priceless and precious.This is why Eyelash quality determines price.

If you want to get high-end quality eyelashes, please contact me as soon as possible.

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3 Common Mistakes For Eyelash Businesses!!!

Recently, many merchants who have just started their own eyelash business found me and said that their eyelash business was not going well. After recorded communication, I found that they all made some common mistakes in the eyelash business. Below I will give some new eyelashes vendor ‘s mistake , hoping to help some new eyelash businesses avoid.

Only consider price and profit

They want to attract a large number of consumers with low prices to achieve profitability. But the fact is the opposite. Few people buy these inferior eyelashes. These eyelashes are constantly trying to accumulate in eyelash businesses, which leads to the failure of their eyelash business.

A high-end eyelash product, the time it takes to make it, and the raw materials used are all produced in the eyelash market. Therefore, the price of such eyelashes is determined by the market, and the price of the product is determined by the product itself. It must not be low. Most of the market is inferior eyelash products, they are just some junk eyelashes. There are high-end eyelashes on the market, which have a small audience but are precise. And the profit of such eyelashes is high.

Please remember that “Few things are precious“.

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Choose the style of eyelashes according to your preferences

Some eyelash merchants purchase eyelash styles according to their preferences. This is a fatal error. Different people with overlapping eyelashes, different ages, and different skin colors, have different aesthetics of eyelashes.

You must have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the needs of customers and the quotations of the entire eyelash market. Ordering eyelashes prepared in this way can effectively avoid the accumulation of eyelashes.

Can’t stick to it

Some eyelash merchants have just started their eyelash business for 2 months, and they feel that their eyelash business is not good and give up. Remember, there is nothing in the world that can be successful casually. If making money is so easy, everyone in this world is rich. Only constant persistence will yield results. Time will tell. When you have a good eyelash supplier, your product is no problem, but your promotion and people’s acceptance will take a certain amount of time, so please stick to it.

If you have any new eyelashes vendor ‘s mistake in starting your own eyelash business, please contact me. ProluxuryLashes will provide you with help based on experience and develop a detailed plan to help you succeed.

Helpful Information for Eyelashes Business Beginner

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Customized your own eyelash box for Christmas

December 25th will usher in the annual Christmas, and customers are also choosing gifts for their friends during this month. To celebrate this holiday, the eyelash designers of Proluxurylashes also designed many eyelash boxes exclusively for Christmas. Do you also want to design eyelash box for Christmas? So hurry up and read the following article.

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Unique holiday logo

We can print 3D or flat logos on your eyelash box, they have unique holiday logos. Products with holiday logos are much better to sell than ordinary products. People will always buy some related products during special holidays. You can print popular pictures of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. on the eyelash box, plus your unique logo, which will make your products extremely popular.

Good sales timing

Christmas is a festival that is only once a year, and most people take it seriously. And during Christmas, a large number of people will dress up as Santa Claus. This is an unlimited business opportunity for eyelash businesses. If you prepare an eyelash set that suits their makeup in advance, sell it in advance. Let customers have enough time to purchase.

Show your professionalism

There are many eyelash merchants who just sell their ordinary eyelashes and boxes, whether it is festivals or normal times. And when you sell unique boxes and eyelashes related to the holiday at Christmas, you can show your love for this business and professionalism in the eyelash industry.

Christmas is one of the most important festivals. Everyone pays enough attention to it. ProluxuryLashes will also make 100% efforts to prepare for this festival. I also wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance, and you can have a good effect on Christmas. So design eyelash box for Christmas!!!

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What are the benefits of eyelashes?

Now, more and more people are beginning to replace false eyelashes, and replacing false eyelashes has gradually become a popular trend. Why are so many people replacing false eyelashes? What are the eyelash of lash vendor?

 the benefits of the sample of lash vendor
the benefits of the sample of lash vendor

Make a significant change in your makeup

One of the characteristics of facial makeup is slow to take effect. You need to apply a certain eye cream every day for more than half a year to see the effect. False eyelashes are different. It can quickly change your makeup and make you a significant change. You can improve your charm in a short time. Most of our customers want less makeup. They want the overall appearance to look natural. They only need to wear false eyelashes. Imagine that you wake up in the morning and get dressed. You only need to perform normal washing and eliminate false eyelashes to achieve a more perfect makeup, which is a good thing.

Save time on makeup

Some of our clients are housewives, businesswomen, athletes, yoga coaches, etc. Therefore, makeup is not on their priority list. They make up occasionally. Therefore, removing false eyelashes is an ideal choice for these women. They only need to spend a minute to complete the basic makeup and make themselves look natural and beautiful.

low cost

A pair of false eyelashes only costs a few dollars, while other cosmetics are generally around dozens of dollars. Because of the price, many people choose false eyelashes to enhance their charm. This is the eyelash of lash vendor.

Nowadays, because of the global epidemic of the new coronavirus, people always aim at masks when they go out. Eye makeup is more and more of their concern, and replacing false eyelashes is their first choice. Benefits, and because of the virus, the incorporation of false eyelashes has become more and more popular. This is a golden opportunity for eyelash businesses. Your eyelash entrepreneurship at this time will become easy and simple. ProluxuryLashes can provide you with good quality and new style eyelash products. What are you waiting for? Come and start your eyelash business.

NOW! Start your own eyelash business

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The sample is the representative of quality

In this era of global information integration. Online shopping has become an indispensable demand in people’s lives. While online shopping brings convenience, it also brings some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the quality of the product cannot be determined. It is easy to deceive consumers. The trust in online shopping is also getting lower. Recently, some customers came to me for the first time to order eyelashes and asked how the quality of our eyelashes is. I said to him: Any business will tell customers that their products are of good quality. The best way for you is to order one or several pairs of eyelashes from us as a sample for testing. So what are the benefits of sample for consumers?

Prevent being deceived

In the Internet age, the theft of pictures and videos has become easier and easier. Some criminals pretend to be eyelash suppliers to deceive consumers and send consumers pictures and videos of eyelashes. Let consumers mistakenly believe that they have their own eyelash factory and eyelash company, which is a distance enterprise. When the consumer pays, it does not ship to the consumer.

The sample can effectively avoid this problem. When a customer cooperates with an unfamiliar company for the first time, he can buy a sample for more than ten dollars to determine whether the company is a real eyelash company and whether it has actual products. This is the benefits of sample.

Determine the quality and style of eyelashes

For eyelashes, you can be sure that it is really suitable for you, and it is also an effective way to check the quality. You can really feel the weight and curling effect of the eyelashes.

The use of samples is also an effective method for custom-made eyelash boxes. When you send the pattern to the eyelash business, they will make you an electronic picture, not a real product. The color difference between the electronic picture and the real you is also very large. After you buy a sample of the box for three dollars, you can clearly see the real color and check the quality of the eyelash box.

This is why I recommend customers to buy samples. ProluxuryLashes hope to have a long-term cooperative relationship with customers and gradually build trust with customers. Let our eyelash products speak for us, and the quality of the product will prove everything for us. Do you want to have our eyelash samples too?

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Have you prepared an exclusive box for Halloween?

Halloween is a very important holiday in the United States. Before Halloween, eyelash suppliers are preparing Halloween eyelash box. So are you ready for Halloween? If not, here is the eHalloween themed eyelash box launched by our company for Halloween for you to check.

The eyelashes on some young people are usually 25mm eyelashes, which are long and thick. Ordinary boxes may not match the size of eyelashes. Below I will recommend two types of boxes.

Acrylic box

The transparent acrylic box box itself is very large and can hold 28 mm eyelashes, so using this box will not damage the eyelashes. The acrylic box can not only reflect its own elements, but also see the eyelashes inside.

Rectangular box

The advantage of the rectangular box is that it can reflect the virtual elements to the greatest extent, and there will be a lot of free space to print the business’s own logo, which can promote itself to the greatest extent.

Our box production takes five days and shipping takes 2-3 days, so if you want to order eyelash boxes, please contact Deluxe Eyelashes one week in advance. Seize every opportunity to make your eyelash business better and better. We will provide you with the highest quality supply.

High-end Private Custom Luxury Eyelashes & Lashes Box

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How to develop marketing activities to promote consumer purchases

Carrying out effective marketing activities can allow your customers to repurchase your eyelashes, so that they can become your loyal users and occupy more market share. So how promote consumer repurchase?

Identify the needs of consumer groups

Before launching specific marketing activities, you must first clarify your consumer groups. Only when the crowd is found, your marketing activities will be effective. The determination of consumer groups needs to be drawn from the analysis of big data. The main consumer groups of false eyelashes are women, and to be more accurate, they are young women.

An effective marketing plan needs to analyze the needs of consumer groups and understand the changes in their needs in real time. Otherwise, you will have to throw things on the wall to see if there are any problems and then correct them. Marketing is an investment, and planned targeted marketing can boost your return on investment. Proluxurylashes has been in the eyelash industry for decades and has a comprehensive database. We can provide you with sufficient data and accurate consumer groups and their needs.

Conduct marketing activities online and offline

Now that people use their mobile phones to browse various websites every day, online marketing activities have become the most efficient method. You can update your online website regularly to ensure that the eyelashes on the website are the most fashionable eyelashes today, and give a detailed description of these eyelashes. This allows consumers to know product information and purchase without asking us.

Send the latest product information to customers who have bought our eyelashes through social media, and understand their latest needs, and then push them to related products. In this way, a special tacit understanding can be established between consumers and consumers can purchase eyelashes from us on a regular basis.

Offline marketing is an old but very effective marketing method. You can promote your products by participating in trade fairs and make your products more well-known. You can choose to cooperate with hairdressing, nail art and other companies and give them free samples so that they can help you carry out free publicity, so as to achieve a win-win effect.

Don’t easily cut prices on your products

You must have confidence in your products. The eyelashes you sell are of higher quality and more fashionable than others. The cost of input is also higher, and the price is set reasonably. I am doing eyelash business instead of charity. Don’t lower the price and lower the grade of your eyelashes. Leave a concept of high-end products in consumers’ minds, so that more and more consumers will look to your products.

Carrying out effective marketing activities can Ways to promote consumer repurchase and continuously improve your own brand. Your brand value and unique value-added to customers are the foundation, and then continue marketing around these pillars. In this way, you will be able to capture the authenticity of good customer responses, which will make the products you sell have convictions to persuade others.

Do you have any doubts about product marketing? Feel free to contact me.

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Those things about making eyelashes

Recently, some customers want to know who needs to complete such a pair of small eyelashes. What processes are needed? I will start from the beginning about Eyelash making process.

About design

The most important thing to make an eyelash is to have a design concept. Our designers will determine a design concept according to the different seasons and the changes in fashion trends in society. Determine a first draft of eyelashes. Then our staff will take these first drafts to the streets and online to do research, and then revise the first draft of eyelashes according to the suggestions of people. Then we will make several pairs of eyelashes, which will be worn by our staff and models to check the effect. This is done to reflect the most realistic effect of wearing eyelashes. The designer will modify the style of the eyelashes according to the wearing effect. This is the final eyelash drawing. It takes nearly a month to design a pair of new eyelashes.

About raw materials

The number of mink hairs needed to make eyelashes is very limited. The mink hair of our eyelashes is made from the hair that naturally falls off the mink tail. The eyelashes on other parts of the mink’s body are not up to the standard for making mink eyelashes in terms of length and hardness. The cost of raising mink is also very high. The living space of the mink and the food it needs must be sufficient, otherwise the hair will be unnatural and lusterless, and it will not meet the standards for making eyelashes.

About our production workers

Eyelash making is a very hard work, and most young people do not like to do this kind of work. So most eyelash workers are middle-aged women. They are around 40 years old. The number of people in this age group will decrease every year, so I think that in the future, there will be fewer and fewer people doing this kind of work, and the price of eyelashes will be higher than it is now.

A pair of small eyelashes may seem simple, but in fact, it will be very difficult to make. This is why ProluxuryLashes eyelashes are expensive. The visible and hidden costs are really expensive. Eyelash making process is complex. This is why our eyelashes are of new style and good quality. This is the specific process of making eyelashes. If you want to know about our eyelashes, please contact me.

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Will lower-priced eyelashes make more profit?

This article is for Analysis of eyelash profit, Hope to let you know where the profits really come from.

Will lower-priced eyelashes make more profit?

The price of the same eyelashes from different suppliers will be very different. Most businesses will choose suppliers who provide cheap eyelashes. Then you might think about such a problem. Will cheap eyelashes bring more profits? the answer is negative. Those cheap eyelashes may bring you some profits in a short time, but as time goes by, you will find that the profits brought by cheap eyelashes are only temporary, because of quality and workmanship issues, cheap eyelashes will give you Bring after-sales problems. These problems will add extra time and labor costs to you. After adding these hidden costs, you will find that there is not much profit. One of the biggest drawbacks of selling cheap eyelashes is that your customers are all one-time customers. They are attracted because of low prices, but they leave because of poor quality. The biggest loss is the business. Because there are no loyal customers, the scale of the eyelash business will never expand. Every day is like the first day of business.

Quality is the core competitiveness of profit

The profit of high-quality eyelashes may not be much different from the profit of cheap eyelashes. His high price is only due to the high cost of raw materials and production process of high-quality eyelashes. But quality is a core factor of profit. Only with good quality will more people buy and you will be profitable. Even if the price of poor quality eyelashes is lower than the cost price, no one will buy it, and there will never be a profit. Doing an eyelash business is like building a tall building. The quality is not good, and no matter how high the profit is, it will collapse one day. This will be a catastrophe. Quality and profit are the two ends of the balance. If the weight of one end is not well controlled, the balance cannot be balanced, and so is the eyelash business.

ProluxuryLashes never compares prices with others. We only focus on quality and long-term development. If you want to develop your brand, please contact me as soon as possible. Do you want to know more about Analysis of eyelash profit? Contact me as soon as possible.

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What is the purpose of a custom eyelash box?

Many eyelash businesses and individuals come to me to order eyelash boxes. But I feel that the cost of customizing the box is expensive. They didn’t understand, and said: “This is just a box. I don’t have to buy such an expensive one.” This is a big mistake. The effect of custom-made eyelash boxes is huge, and you can’t believe it. Please read this article carefully, you will change your opinion. Below I will explain the advantages of custom boxes.

advantages of custom boxes. Come and customize your exclusive box.

Attract consumers

One of the most intuitive functions of customized eyelash boxes is to attract consumers.

 Imagine you are walking in a supermarket with a wall full of eyelashes and eyelash boxes. And you go over and choose an eyelash box that will attract you. So why does this box attract you? Among so many eyelash boxes, why did you choose it? The answer is actually very simple, because this box is different. Eyelash boxes are nothing more than several shapes and several colors. If you can develop a new shape and different color with your eyelash supplier. Then your product will look special in the box full of walls. Consumers will be attracted by your product and choose your product first.

Promote the brand

Custom eyelash boxes can not only customize the shape and color. The most important thing is to be able to customize the text on the box. You can put your brand name and contact phone number printed on the box you ordered.

In this way, your consumers will know your brand after they buy your box and may help you promote it invisible. It is also more convenient for consumers to repurchase next time. You don’t want your consumers to not know the brand of the box they want to buy when they repurchase.

The price of a customized box is not only the production cost of the box, but also the hidden benefits, including the cost of the designer to help you design, and the benefits that the customized box brings to you. This is why custom boxes are expensive. This is advantages of custom boxes.

 What ProluxuryLashes can do is to maximize the effect of customized boxes and bring the greatest benefits to eyelash businesses. I don’t know if you ever thought that it’s impossible for a customer to buy your product and bring more profits than you cost to order the box. So, why not order your own exclusive box?

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