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long-term benefits of mink eyelashes business

Since the choice of mink eyelashes business should be long-term development in this industry. The eyelash business needs to save customers to make more money. So this is a long-term accumulation process. In recent exchanges with customers, many people think our mink eyelashes are very expensive. Now many customers only see the price higher than other suppliers, but do not care why. Many people in the eyelash market only care about short-term profits but ignore long-term profits. Lead to the current eyelash market is very chaotic so that many customers can not start.

The reason why mink lashes are expensive

I believe many old customers know that the quality of Proluxurylashes mink eyelashes is very good, so there is a reason. We’ve been on the high end. Our eyelashes are made of Siberian mink hair, and all eyelashes are made by hand. The workforce and material resources we spend are huge, so the cost of eyelashes is very high, which is why our eyelashes are more expensive than others. Our eyelashes are indeed more expensive than others because of our good quality. Many people in the market now cheat customers with fake Siberian mink hair, but many don’t know. Siberian mink hair is very expensive, so some low-priced eyelashes on the market are definitely not pure Siberian mink hair. Hope customers can recognize clearly. Siberian mink hair is used for high-end eyelashes but is deceived by fake people who cut prices.

mink eyelashes business--Handmade eyelashes making process
Handmade eyelashes making process

Focus on long-term benefits

Why about focusing on the long-term benefits of the mink eyelash business? Because of the confusion in the market now, many customers are willing to buy fake mink eyelashes at low prices. What I want to tell you about this kind of customer is that the low price eyelashes you buy can really bring you profits. But only short-term profits, not long-term profits. Now that we have chosen the eyelash industry, we have to find a way to stand firm. Low-price eyelashes don’t help you attract customers, and customer loyalty is low. Because of the poor quality. Such sales can give you short-term profits, but over time will be eliminated by the eyelash industry. If you wait until you face elimination to regret, that time is late. So I hope every customer can carefully consider the selected supplier.

mink eyelashes business

Proluxurylashes eyelashes not only high quality but also can bring you long-term profits so that you in the eyelash industry steady heel. We make money together, isn’t that what you want? We have a lot of long-term customers who can see the situation clearly. The mink eyelashes business is getting bigger and bigger. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult me.

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What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

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What can we offer you in 2021?

2021 has been started for more than two months. In this Spring Festival, we are also ready for the operation of the New year. so what will Proluxurylashes bring to your false eyelash business in 2021?

Ensure the quality of eyelashes

I believe that customers who have bought our mink eyelashes products know the quality of our eyelashes. Our eyelashes are made of Siberian mink hair, good eyelash material. The mink hair used is naturally shed from animals, and we never brutally kill animals and remove their hair. High-quality eyelashes have always made us very competitive in the market. We also have vegetarian eyelashes for quality clients. It is divided into silk eyelashes and chemical fiber eyelashes. These two eyelashes have been very popular with qualities. Our vegetarian eyelashes are also made of superior materials. All eyelashes are 100% handmade, must be to ensure the quality of eyelashes. In the new year, we will continue to maintain these, will continue to develop new eyelashes, and improve the quality of eyelashes.

false eyelash business

Delivery time

The delivery time of our sample is 5-7 days, and the delivery time of the product is within 15 days. We will keep this. But because of the aggravation of the epidemic abroad, some local express delivery has been restricted. So Proluxurylashes will talk about whether we can deliver goods on time between customer purchases, if we can not deliver goods on time because of express delivery, we hope the customer can understand. As long as there are no special circumstances, our delivery date must be accurate. We promise to keep our promise and not to deceive our customers.

false eyelash business

Good service

Proluxurylashes always face every customer with the most sincere attitude. All customers here are equal and will not be stratified because of the size of the order. All customers we will seriously talk about, patiently answer customer questions. We can answer any questions about eyelashes. After purchasing the product, Proluxurylashes will follow up the order in real-time. Ensure that customers can receive products on time and ensure that customers are satisfied with the products. Any later problems we will help customers try to solve.

Custom eyelash or eyelash box

our customization has been very popular in the market. As long as you tell us what you want to customize, we will customize as you say. Many customers customize eyelashes or eyelash boxes here, we get good feedback. The quality of custom eyelashes is very high. Before a customer customized blue and black eyelashes, got a very good evaluation after the market. The quality of the custom eyelash box is also very high, and the box surface you want we can provide. Only what you can’t think of, nothing we ca n’ t do.

false eyelash business

For 2021, if you want to develop your false eyelash business better, I think Proluxurylashes is your best choice. We can provide you with what you want. If you are interested, contact me.

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Custom Eyelash cases sample in 2021

Custom Eyelash cases are something many customers like. A unique eyelash box will become their own brand, can do better publicity for themselves. Eyelash box can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also increase brand publicity. Many customers are using custom eyelash boxes to improve their visibility, which is a very good way. This method is relatively low cost, but can play a very good publicity effect. But recently there is a very big problem with custom eyelash box, that is, custom eyelash box sample.

Many customers want to customize an eyelash box sample before customizing a large number of eyelash boxes. This must be OK, but the cost is high. Because a boot will cost a lot of money, customizing an eyelash box needs to boot once. There is no doubt that the cost must be very high, so my quotation will certainly be high. I can understand the concern of some customers who have not worked with Proluxurylashes, that is, not assured of the quality of the box and whether it is consistent with the box they want. So, I’d like to make it clear that there are two kinds of our samples when you customize the eyelash box.

Digital and boot samples

so-called digital samples, the quality of the box is unchanged. but its surface is printed by us, so there will be color difference in color with the correct box you want. the price of this digital box sample is lower. The boot sample is the same process as the normal production box, but the opener is just making an eyelash box, so the cost is very high. the price of this boot sample is high. If you simply want to see the quality of the box, it is recommended to choose a digital sample. If you want to see the complete effect, it is recommended to select the boot sample. Hope customers can understand why the cost of custom eyelash box samples is so high.

Today because of the custom eyelash box by a customer directly blocked the dialogue, I am very confused. Proluxurylashes treat every customer very sincerely, but the customer does not listen. Some custom eyelash box customers may not understand these blind to spend money, I hope you can carefully consider, do not waste every penny you spend. Don’t buy unreasonable samples because of price or other tricks, which will only waste your time and money.

Proluxurylashes like to communicate with customers very much, about custom eyelash box, I will give you the most sincere advice. We want to cooperate with customers for a long time, so we will not do some harm to customers, such as cheating. If you want to customize the eyelash box and tell me your requirements, we will do it strictly according to your requirements. our box quality is also very high. if you want to Custom Eyelash cases. Just contact me.

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How to start false lashes business in 2021

At present, false lashes business is getting more and more hot. False eyelashes have slowly become a necessity for people to increase their charm. In 2021, how should we start false lashes business ?

Find a good eyelashes supplier

Good eyelash supplier is your first step to start false lashes business. Many people think that the fake eyelash business is low cost and high profit. The so-called low cost is not cheap eyelashes. Cheap lashes won’t let you have a lot of customers. People like high quality eyelashes, such eyelashes are very reassuring. So, only high quality eyelashes can make you have more customers.
You need to know a lot about suppliers. Like what type of eyelashes he has or what kind of eyelash box he has. A good eyelash supplier is to have a variety of eyelash types. If you want to customize eyelashes, Proluxurylashes will be your best choice. At present, in the market, only we can do it.

Click here>>>How to choose good lashes supplier?

Custom eyelash box with logo

Logo is like the separation of your eyelash brand. You need to design a logo, font that belongs to your own brand, and the color needs to be carefully studied. If you feel troublesome, Proluxurylashes can give you some advice. When you design logo, print the logo on your eyelash box. eyelash box with logo can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also promote their own brand.
Proluxurylashes can customize any eyelash box for you. Only what you can’t think of, nothing we ca n’ t do. Give us the material, color, shape and location of the logo print you want, and we will create your own eyelash box for you.

false lashes business--customize lashes boxes

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Promotion through social media

You need to use social media to increase publicity. I recommend three social media: Ins、Pinterest and YouTube. Ins are mostly young people, they prefer beauty. The customer base is many, the demand is big, but the customer loyalty is low. If you want to learn more about ins, please click here>>> Pinterest is a social media that lives on a board. Your board must be attractive enough to be popular. If you want to know more Pinterest, please click here>>> YouTube is a platform for publishing videos. You need to update your own video regularly, preferably regularly. If you want to know more about YouTube, please click here>>>

Click here>>>More social media

Delivery by courier

Recent outbreaks around the world have not been very optimistic. Many countries face a city or even a country. Therefore, must communicate well with the customer, whether can arrive the destination country, whether can deliver on time. At this time of outbreak, we must communicate with customers. On the one hand, care about the customer and leave a good impression on her. On the other hand, to communicate with them about the delivery of express delivery, do not affect the credibility, especially the beginning of the eyelash business. I hope the epidemic will pass quickly and the world will be safe.

If you want to know about express delivery, please click here>>>

2021 is a new start, hoping that people who have already started the eyelash business are more profitable, and that those who have just started the eyelash business are getting better and better. For our eyelash business ushered in a new spring.

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False Eyelashes Gift for Mother in 2021

Today is a sacred day for all women – Women’s Day. All women should be given a bouquet of flowers today. Did you send a bouquet of flowers to your mother? Women’s Day is like Mother’s Day in our eyes because on this day we always give our mother some gifts. So, have you ever thought about choosing a pair of false eyelashes for your mother as a gift?

Supernatural 3D and A lashes

3D series of eyelashes are polygonal eyelashes. Their length is between 15 and 18 mm, and the length of human natural eyelashes is below 15 mm. So this eyelash is very natural to wear. A series of eyelashes are single curvature, this eyelash is more natural than 3D series of eyelashes. A series of eyelashes are close to people’s real eyelashes.

The two eyelashes recommended for you are natural. Because mothers generally prefer natural styles. At their age, they rarely use more than 22 mm of eyelashes, which is inappropriate for them. Exaggerated eyelashes are more suitable for young people.

Pick the eyelash box

After choosing eyelashes, choose an eyelash box with eyelashes. This takes into account the type your mother likes. If she likes solid color eyelash box, then Proluxurylashes suggest choosing star flash paper material eyelash box for her. This kind of eyelash box looks very beautiful. Shape recommended diamond. The diamond eyelash box of star flash paper looks very noble and gorgeous, and your mother will like it. If she doesn’t like solid eyelash boxes, then I suggest you choose a paper card eyelash box. Choose a color she likes to cover the top of the eyelash box and print roses or carnations. This can express your love for your mother.

If you have more ideas about eyelash boxes can be discussed with me.

Glue and tweezers

the glue we have a black, white and transparent color. Tweezers have a variety of colors to choose from. If you think glue is ordinary, you are recommended to give an eyeliner pen. Eyeliner pen can be used as glue as well as eyeliner, very convenient. Some mothers may be too old to draw eyeliner, so eyeliner pencil can solve this problem.

These are my suggestions for false eyelashes gift, I hope they can help you. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

How to choose lashes supplier?

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

How to customize eyelashes wholesale

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How To Choose Best Lash Vendors?

Lash vendors are more and more in the market now. Choosing a supplier is not a difficult thing, but choosing best lash vendors is a difficult thing. Many people who have just started the eyelash business are confused and do not know how to choose best lash vendors. There are some who want to changeest lash vendors, do not know how to choose. So today, I’ll tell you eyelash business ideas on how to choose a good eyelash vendor.

Exchange and Communication

Cooperation with a person is inevitable without communication and communication. So, you need to know his attitude by chatting with the best lash vendors. Since to cooperate to show sincerity, if the other side’s attitude is bad, then there is no need to choose him. And you need to know if this lash factory is credible. lash vendors without credibility must not cooperate with them. A sincere lash vendor will not change your attitude because of your order size. The supplier you choose, whether your order is large or small, can be very responsible. Such a supplier is good.

Eyelash display box, from a good eyelash vendor

Eyelash Display Case

Consumers' evaluation of quality eyelash suppliers

Feedback from the best lash vendors’consumers

Best Lash Vendors

The quality of eyelashes is very critical, which is directly related to the development of your eyelash business. Be sure to choose a vendors with best natural false eyelashes . The quality of eyelashes determines whether you can retain customers. In particular, at the beginning of the eyelash business customers must choose good quality eyelashes. It is critical to start accumulating customers. Don’t buy low price and poor quality eyelashes, which is not good for your eyelash business. Be sure to check the quality of eyelashes so that you can attract more customers and stabilize old customers.

The  product difference between bad and  good  lash vendors

Different Eyelash Contrast

Delivery time

If you choose a good eyelash vendor, be sure to confirm the delivery time with him. The delivery time of the general sample is within 5-7 days. The delivery time of the order is within 15 days. Determining the delivery time is also an important part of confirming the supplier’s reputation. Some suppliers may delay delivery because of small orders. This greatly affects the sales of wholesalers. For business people, time is money. We can’t waste our time in these places.

Customized Best Lash Vendors

A good eyelash vendor should have a variety of products. Different customers will have different needs and different visions. so about the eyelash style, the supplier should have many kinds .Or he could be a eyelash cases wholesale supplier and eyelash tweezer manufacturer. You can order a variety of styles so that your customers can have a variety of choices. At present in the market very popular style is mink lashes 3d, now suppliers will basically have this eyelash. you need to learn to distinguish the material of 3D mink eyelashes. Many people now use fake Siberian mink fur.

As a professional mink lashes beauty supply vendor, Proluxurylashes have been engaged in the eyelash industry for 15 years. Our eyelashes are of very good quality. all lashes are purely handmade with 100% mink lashes. And our reputation has been very good, delivery time is very accurate. If you are interested in Proluxurylashes, contact me quickly.

How to choose lashes supplier?

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

How to customize eyelashes wholesale

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How to Create Your Own Strip Lashes

Now many people are very personalized, so met some customize eyelashes, wholesale customers. Thank these customize eyelashes wholesale customers for letting me see the new world. In the previous work, encountered a lot of custom eyelash box customers. All kinds of eyelash boxes appear on my WhatsApp. I found that the original customers’ imagination is very good. The eyelash boxes they designed are very beautiful. Recently, some customers asked me about customizing eyelashes, today to talk about how to customize eyelashes.

eyelash process

You can send us a sample of the eyelashes you want to customize or give us a process diagram of the eyelashes. With one of these two things, you can lay a good foundation for custom eyelashes. And I need to know about the length and curvature of the eyelashes. Proluxurylashes suggest it’s better to have samples, so we can copy them completely. Do not need you to tell us the additional information, this is very convenient.

customize eyelashes wholesale
25mm mink lashes DB314

Eyelash Material

Now the eyelash material on the market is more. There are mink hair, horsehair, chemical fiber, silk, and other materials. Our mink hair is the best, using noble Siberian mink hair. Siberian mink hair is very popular in the market. You need to tell us the material of the eyelashes you want so that it is the same as you want.

eyelash color

Speaking of eyelash color may have some customers have been doing black eyelashes. recently some custom eyelash customers tried new color. Some time ago, a customer customized silk eyelashes, the color is blue and black. The eyelashes made are very beautiful. After shipping it to her, she likes it very much. And in recent communication with her, these custom eyelash sales are outstanding, and she intends to continue ordering to try new color matching. Now people are more personalized, so black can not satisfy some people. You can study what color collocation can make eyelashes stand out in the market.

customize eyelashes wholesale
pink mink lashes

Recently found that custom eyelashes are a very interesting thing. Color matching and material selection will affect the heat of this eyelash. If you are interested in custom eyelashes, contact me quickly. Proluxurylashes must customize the eyelashes you want for you.

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Long-term survival in the mink lashes industry

People in the mink lashes business face elimination every day. Because many people do not know how to survive in this industry for a long time. Proluxurylashes tell you today how to run your mink hair business and survive in the eyelash industry for a long time.

Find a good supplier

In my opinion, good eyelash suppliers are very important for people doing the eyelash business. Why would you say that? the quality, length, and so on of your eyelash products all depend on this supplier. If the supplier’s eyelashes are all in line with the requirements, then your eyelash business is based on them. The crucial step has been completed. your supplier must have multiple lashes for your choice. Because your customers are different, different customers will like different eyelashes. The quality of eyelashes still needs clearance. About Siberian mink hair, I hope customers carefully choose. Now there are a lot of people in the market imitating Siberian mink hair, the quality is poor.

You also need to find a box supplier. If you want to promote your brand, it can be achieved through the box. You can choose to print on the supplier’s existing box logo or customize your own box. This way your eyelash box can not only protect the eyelashes from damage but also help your brand promotion.

mink lashes business
3D22C hot selling 3D mink lashes

How to choose lashes supplier?

Must focus on long-term development

Now the eyelash market is very chaotic, by some imitation people made of smoke. The material of high-end eyelashes is imitated by some people, but many customers still blindly buy. so suggest choosing a sample before mass order. Buy regular Siberian mink hair for comparison. Low-quality lashes won’t keep your mink lashes business alive for long. Low-quality eyelashes do not help you attract more customers, nor do they help you stabilize old customers. Maybe you can make short-term profits, but in the long run, you will face elimination. So I hope customers can carefully consider their own development. Don’t harm long-term development by focusing on immediate interests.

mink lashes business
3D13B hot selling 3D mink lashes

Proluxurylashes eyelashes must allow you to survive in the eyelash industry for a long time. Our eyelashes use pure Siberian mink hair. All eyelashes are hand-made, consuming a lot of manpower and material resources to provide high-quality mink eyelashes. Our eyelashes can make you attract new customers and maintain old customers.

If you are interested in our products, you can come to me at any time.

What can Proluxurylashes offer you in 2021?

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Quality of DIY Eyelash case samples

Recently encountered a lot of customers who want to DIY Eyelash case samples, but there are always some differences. Many customers want to customize the eyelash box sample the main purpose is to check the quality of the eyelash box. I can understand this idea, but I don’t recommend customizing samples of eyelash boxes. Many customers may be more confused, do not customize eyelash box samples how to see the quality? Proluxurylashes give you some little advice.


Proluxurylashes have many styles of eyelash boxes. So the first suggestion is to buy our eyelash box. The style of our eyelash box can let you choose at will, maybe you want this eyelash box to help you promote the brand. Easy, we can print your logo on it. This is also your brand’s unique eyelash box. And the delivery time will be fast because we have inventory, printing logo will not take a lot of time.

The second suggestion is to buy our existing box to observe the quality. About the eyelash box pattern, we can complete it according to your request to carry on the custom. Many customers are more concerned about the quality of eyelash boxes. so you can totally buy our existing eyelash box to check the quality. If you want an eyelash box made of star flash paper, you can choose our existing eyelash box made of star flash paper. This can save a lot of time, delivery time is within 7 days. You can check the quality after receiving the eyelash box. If you feel that clearance can be ordered in large quantities, this will save a lot of time. will not delay your sales.

DIY Eyelash case

If you choose a digital sample or boot sample, the delivery period is within 10 days. The extra days are a waste to you. For businessmen, time is money. I believe you certainly do not want to waste a lot of time to delay their own money. this is just the suggestion given by Proluxurylashes, hope the customer can consider it.

If you plan to DIY Eyelash case or custom eyelash, please contact me. Proluxurylashes always provide you with the most sincere service.

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Eyelash Cases Wholesale —-rectangular drawer boxes

Today, Proluxurylashes recommend the eyelash cases for you. It is the rectangular drawer eyelash cases. The box can see the eyelashes very clearly. At present, the rectangular drawer lashes boxes we have is transparent. You can choose the material you want about the lower part.Have you ever thought about eyelash cases wholesale?

Have you ever done a survey to see if customers like this eyelash box? All I can give you is that the eyelash box of this style is very popular at present. Many customers do not like rectangular flip box, do not like heaven and earth cover box, but this rectangular pull box has a special love. Why? This box can be very clear to see the eyelashes inside, for wholesalers such boxes can be very good promotion. Some customers will also notice this eyelash box while looking at the eyelashes. While selling eyelashes, you can also sell the box, can better improve their profits. This kind of eyelash box is also more convenient to use, pull the eyelashes out, push in again.

eyelash cases wholesale
eyelash cases wholesale

If you plan to rectangular drawer eyelash cases best lash vendors, please contact me.

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If you want to know how to communicate with customers friendly, click here>>>How to communicate with customers friendly?

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color lashes wholesale are very popular in 2021

Now black eyelashes can not satisfy some customers, so do you intend to color lashes wholesale for customers to choose from? Many customers are on the top of fashion, they need some color eyelashes to improve their charm. A while ago, a customer from me customized a blue and black mixed eyelashes, very beautiful. I asked her about sales recently, she said very well. The blue and black lashes are very popular and she plans to continue customizing them. I think customers can have some ideas, some colors together to make color eyelashes, will have a good harvest.

Color eyelashes currently available to Proluxurylashes

Solid lashes

The colors of these six eyelashes are solid rather than mixed. They are brown, green, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Mixed color eyelashes

The first eyelash is a mixture of orange and yellow eyelashes. Because the orange and yellow match makes this eyelash look a little pink, this is the effect of mixed color. The second is purple and yellow. Thick parts, purple and yellow have been integrated, this match is very beautiful. It will not appear another color after matching the first eyelash. But this purple yellow is very beautiful. The third eyelash is a mixture of red and green. Many people resent the combination of red and green, which they think are conflicting. However, if the two colors are matched correctly, they form a conflict beauty, which is very rare.

What do you think of these colored eyelashes? Are you going to color lashes wholesale for sale? Contact me if you’re interested.

How to communicate with customers friendly?

How to get good feedback from customers?

Do you want to know about the quality of custom eyelash boxes

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