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Is The Eyelash Business Really Good To Do?

More and more people are joining the Lash Business Plan. Everyone’s goal is to Make Money Online. So, Is the Starting Fake Eyelash Business really good?

In fact, there is no good business, only you who are willing to stick to it.

There are a lot of customers who have found to me, They all say they want to Do Eyelash Business Extension, But have been hesitating, Dear customer, Presumably you should have your own judgment before choosing Eyelash Business For Sale. If you think that Lash Business is not good, You will not think Start eyelash business?

So, Since you have chosen to start, Why not stick to it? Only when you persist in doing it can you know that the Mink Lash Business is good or not, And action is always more convincing than language.

Choose a professional eyelash supplier to help you quickly capture the eyelash market. Here are some of our new Mink Lashes 3D:

You are welcome to consult more about the details of eyelashes, I look forward to working with you to do eyelash business!


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Proluxurylashes–High Quality Mink Lashes Vendor

Professional eyelash supplier

Every day, Many people ask me about the Catalogue Lashes and Lash Price List. As a High-Quality Eyelash Vendors, Proluxurylashes is not only popular with the masses, But also constantly Lunch New Products and attracts many people. But most people often ask for the Mink 3d Hair Lashes Price are not the Eyelashes Catalog. I think this kind of behavior is wrong.

If you only ask Mink 3d Hair Lashes Price when you Buy Eyelashes Online, you will lose The Meaning Of The Word Lashes themselves. Eyelashes are meant to bring beauty to people. Cheap Lashes Mink are not comfortable to wear and are not beautiful. It is better not to wear them. We have been in the Mink Eyelash Industry for more than a decade. We certainly know that there are cheap eyelashes, But are the quality of those eyelashes really what you want?

If you pay attention to my website, You will find that our team is serious about Making Eyelashes. We will experience eyelashes firsthand. If customers want to see eyelashes, we will also Wear Eyelashes Everyday to send custom photos, videos, etc. . A few days ago, There was a customer who wanted to buy the Silk Lashes Wholesale, So we each Wear An Eyelash. Below is the video we took:

Each of our salesmen will consider the problem from the customer’s point of view and will patiently help the customer solve the problem. Our goal is not to get the order, But to bring the Best Eyelashes For Beginners to the most beautiful you, Not only the partner, But also is a friend.


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Where Have Proluxury Lashes Been Improved?

In order to Make The Eyelashes curl more, The Eyelash Suppliers UK that are generally supplied are all chemically shaped, That is, What kind of nitric acid is used to Shape The Hair. What kind of taste do you remember when you burn your hair?

If you think about it again, do you have a chemical smell on your Mink eyelashes 3D? This is what nitric acid! The eyelashes we use are intimate contact with the skin. If our skin and chemical water are in contact for a long time, the eyes have a strong discomfort. This medicated water-treated eyelashes are in contact with the skin for a long time, Giving the eyes and The damage caused by the skin is very scary!

However, the curling of our 3D Mink eyelashes is heat treated by physical properties, Without any chemical treatment. Our eyelashes have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology. This technology is also our core competitiveness. , We all have Environmental Certificates, The following is our certificate picture:

The Eyeliner Eyelashes Glue of our products is soft and durable. When used properly, it can ensure that the hair is not easy to fall off! Naturally Curved, it is easier for consumers to wear!

The shape of our products, Even if you swim, Or soaked in water, Naturally dry, The shape remains the same! The other eyelashes on the market, Without hairy tips, Are easily deformed after passing through the water!

Bringing you beautiful, the products are Naturally Environmentally Friendly, and it is our responsibility to care for small animals!

Bring the False Mink Eyelashes produced by our company, Which is intimate contact with nature and small animals! Each hair is Crueltyfree Mink Lashes, the raw materials are treated with high temperature, no odor, no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!

That’s why Proluxurylashes are in short supply!

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How to determine the true and false of the supplier?

Some customers talked about the specific 3D Mink Lashes, But they began to doubt the true and false of the Mink Lash Supplier. They thought that the previous talks were all illusions, And then disappeared. The good Eyelash Business was abandoned.

Of course, we can understand the customer’s fear of being cheated, And the customer is not wrong, Just lacking the reason for her trust. After all, At such a long distance, It is necessary to trade on the Internet.

So, Is there any way to determine the true and false of the supplier for this situation?

First is the field trip, this method can basically be ruled out.

Second, The video call with the Lash Supplier can not only understand the supplier, but also judge his true and false according to his surroundings.

Third, Asks her questions, Such as how to Wear Eyelashes, Such as how to Clean Eyelashes, Such as Eyelash Glue, Eyelash Tweezers, Etc. Professional Eyelash Suppliers should be clear about these issues. Therefore, Through these questions, It is basically possible to judge whether she is a true Lash Supplier.

Most importantly, If you are not sure about the true and false, It is recommended to buy a sample of Mink Lashes US first!

PROLUXURYLASHES – the best eyelash supplier!

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About Free Sample Lashes

Several customers have already asked me the same question. “Do you Provide Sample Lashes For Free?” My answer is : Dear customer, We support you to purchase samples to check the Mink Lashes quality and the style, But our samples are not free.

Click here to see more 3D Mink Lashes
Or Click here to see more Mink Lashes Packaging

Maybe you will think that there are a lot of 3D Mink Lash Companies offering samples for free. But, Is the quality of the Free Eyelash Samples really good? Is there a saying that there is no free lunch in the world? Similarly, we don’t provide free lashes sample.

We can confidently say that our Lashes Are Of Good Quality, And we don’t need to send samples by free to sell eyelashes. I hope that you can also understand why those companies will send you eyelash samples for free. Why are eyelashes not sold but free to send you?

Dear customer, If you like our 25MM Mink Lashes US, Don’t hesitate to buy A Few Pairs Of Lash Samples. Of course, You can also choose those free samples to compare with our eyelashes.
You will really feel it, free eyelashes, is it good?

Our Factory workers are Making 3d Mink Lashes US.

Our 100% Handmade Lashes, Each pair of eyelashes have the soul and effort of the workers. We admire and respect the fruits of their labor.


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Those 1 Dollar or $2 Dollar eyelashes

One customer asked me about Lashes 3D USand said she had just Purchased Eyelashes from another company, And was looking for the next eyelash supplier. I asked by the way how much dollars she spent on Eyelashes. She told me that she only bought 4 pairs of 3D Mink Lashes, including a total of $30.

I thought, If remove the shipping cost, A Pair Of Lashes is less than two dollars. I asked her the picture of the eyelashes. When I look at the photos, I know that this company imitated our eyelashes. This is our original eyelashes, But our eyelashes won’t sell for 1 or 2 dollars. We are pursuing Mink Lashes Quality, 100% Handmade Eyelashes, we are pursuing original design, Handmade soul, And the customers with lashes feeling.

Of course, I didn’t tell the customer directly that the Lashes she bought were not good. I just told her that after her received the eyelashes, She can try how many times can she use A Pair Of Eyelashes? Is it comfortable to wear? Because I believe that good and bad she can feel it.

For eyelashes which is $1 or $2, I just want to say that maybe you are satisfied with The Eyelash Samples, But some companies will provide different eyelashes for the sample and the big order in order to get the order. Since you are also comparing the eyelashes of different companies, You must pay attention to The Quality Of Eyelashes, So why not buy high quality eyelashes? Are you only comparing prices ? You have to know that you are unique, You deserve all the good things in this world, You deserve The Best Quality Lashes!

PROLUXURYLASHES takes you to the best of you!

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Introducing One 25mm Long Eyelash

The 25mm Long Mink Lashes, Which were launched in September last year, Which is more popular in the world. And still popular all over the world now. Let me introduce a 25mm Long Eyelashes today!

DH008, The material is the same as our other eyelashes, Use the longest hair on the tail of the mink. In order to ensure the softness of the hair, The hair selected is 1-2 years old, Which is very long. The peak is not cut off, Nor is it inverted. Other cheap low-end Mink Eyelashes are short hairs of other parts of the body, Regardless of the age of the hair, The quality of the mane, And many of the hair tips are broken. Some hair follicles and hair tips are mixed together. It looks very unnatural.

Let’s look at this eyelash from three angles:

Click here to see other 25mm mink lashes

25mm long eyelashes Compared with 16mm eyelashes, 25mm eyelashes are more suitable for evening parties, Parties, Stage and other occasions, It will be more sexy and beautiful.
At the beginning, I also hesitated about the 25mm long eyelashes. I wonder if anyone would like such exaggerated eyelashes? However, market sales have shown that 25mm long eyelashes are not only acceptable, but also sell well. And the models that came to our company were surprised and expressed their love after seeing the 25mm eyelashes.

Let’s look at picture which our model with DH008 and Natural Mink Lashes:

She with Natural Mink Lashes is also beautiful,But the 25mm eyelashes make her look more sexy.

Click here to see other Natural Lashes

Our eyelashes are soft and durable, And if used properly, the hair is not likely to fall off as much as possible! Naturally curved, It is easier for consumers to wear!

With the false eyelashes produced by our company, Which is intimate contact with nature and small animals! Each hair is crueltyfree, the raw materials are treated with high temperature, no odor, no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!


With Proluxurylashes, Everyone will become a queen!

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The Development Of Our Lashes

Proluxurylashes 3d Mink False Eyelashes, Elegant in shape; Realistic and natural; Eyeliner is soft and durable; Fashionable and Comfortable.

Our designers are constantly researching aesthetics, And the design concept is bold, And every new product can be exploded!

They are our factory workers.
They are Making Lashes.

As An Eyelash Company with its own factory, We have thousands of style eyelashes and have been Doing Lashes Business for more than ten years. How do we keep our eyelashes occupying the Eyelash Market US?

In 2012, the false eyelashes were proposed to make the consumers around the world refreshed. They began to fully understand the Beauty Of Eyelashes. This period is the germination period of the Mink Lashes 3d.
Consumers began to understand the Mink Lashes

The 3D Mink Eyelashes were lunched in 2013, Because of the layered sense, once again let the consumers around the world redefine the beauty of false eyelashes, changing the drawbacks of the original false eyelashes only one curvature , Exaggerated, Realistic Natural, 3d mink lashes have been popular all over the world!

In October 2018, Our designers once again boldly innovated, Increasing the length of 3D Mink Lashes from the original 13-16mm to 20-25mm. The 25mm Long Lashes were launched all over the world and have been sold well so far. The 20-25mm Mink Lashes once again set off a world consumption boom.

This is our 25mm Lashes(DH012)

Consumers around the world have redefine eyelashes because of our designers’ bold innovations. Our partners also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought by each innovation!

At the same time, some of other lashes company began to imitate our styles, But because there is no technology, Imitation products can only be imitated, But never imitate the essence of beauty, Product quality is not well controlled, Now the price of the eyelashes market is transparent. We don’t have to quote high prices. The high price must have a High Quality Lashes!

Choose PROLUXURYLASHES, Our Lashes Will Give You Surprise!

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We are unique and our lashes also are unique.

A good company must have a good working atmosphere, Not only at work, But also in life. Our company not only pays attention to the seriousness of work, But also pursues the life, And cooperation between colleagues. Yesterday, the company carried out a group building activity.

Before that, Because the company had our own Lashes Factory, There were a lot of Mink Lashes in the office. Every employee of our company searched for the Lashes that suited them in the company, And then wore them to experience the difference after With Lashes. After my colleague Eva with eyelashes, We were all shocked and felt like two person who were completely different. Let’s take a look at her photos with eyelashes:

My colleague Eva

Then the company people go to sing together. In fact, Singing is like Choosing Eyelashes. Everyone has different styles. Even if there are many songs to sing, There is always a style that is most suitable for you. Everyone sings and chats. The atmosphere is very good.

Chatting after dinner, Chatting about life, Not looking mobile phones, Not talking about work, Everyone is very happy to play, I think a good team should be like this, Work hard at work, Play when you free, We are a group, And the power of a group is far more than the power of the individual. We are not only an Eyelash Company, but also an eyelash company that pursues High Quality 3D Mink Lashes and high service. We are confident and capable, And our eyelashes are Unique Lashes.

We are unique
And our lashes are Unique Lashes

It is the responsibility of each of us to make women in every corner of the world beautiful!

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25mm Mink Lashes

Since the launch of the 25mm mink eyelashes in September last year, the 25mm mink eyelashes have quickly exploded around the world and have been popular until now. So, what is the charm of the 25mm mink eyelashes that makes people crazy about it? Let’s take a look at a picture below:

Model one eye wearing 25mm mink lash and another eye no lash
Is the eye which wearing lash more attractive?

According to our understanding, Americans are full of personality, their favorite eyelashes are more exaggerated, Dense, And individuality. Therefore, 25mm mink lashes are very hot sale in the US market. In the Middle East market, Those who are not bound by religion also like 25mm mink lashes.

At the beginning, I was not sensitive to the length of the Eyelashes. Later, after seeing the models wearing different lengths of Lashes, I realized that the 3D Lashes of different lengths really gave us different feelings. If you only see the model wearing 13-16mm eyelashes, You will think she is very beautiful, But when you go to see the model wearing 25mm eyelashes, you will feel that she is full of charm, Such a contrast, 13-16mm lashes seems more natural.

Like this.

We designed and developed 25mm Mink Lashes. Because of long hair, curved hair and thick hair, It is extremely difficult and time consuming in the lashes making process, But because of this, The 25mm large eyelashes are more popular. Loved by people. We have full confidence in our lashes, our Eyelash Quality is the best, Our eyelashes are unique, Can not be imitated by any other company, Not only the customer chooses the 3D Lashes, We also choose the real Lashes Business people.

Proluxury lashes takes you to the trend of the age and the market, Making you more sexy and beautiful!
PROLUXURYLASHES Let You Be The Highlight Of The Crowd!