FREE Cheap Eyelash Case for Beginner DIY

How do you also want to make your own brand and your own false eyelash production line? Your own brand false eyelashes packaging must be novel and highlight your logo design. After you have selected false eyelashes, the choice of FREE Cheap Eyelash Case for Beginner DIY is especially important.

Start your own business with FREE Paper Eyelashes Case

Eyelash case Just like you need clothes, false eyelashes also need boxes. The safe can protect fragile false eyelashes from injury. In addition, the beautiful box can make your eyelashes more attractive to customers.

 You can customize the eyelash box packaging with your own logo to promote your own brand, and at the same time enhance the brand effect. Whether it is design patterns or printed patterns, as long as you can think of it, we can do it for you without tangling Contact us. I can help you to supply beautiful and novel eyelash cases.

Fluorescent Pink Rectangular paper lash box

How to buy an eyelash box when starting a business?

There are a variety of eyelash boxes on the market, as well as a wide variety of different shapes and creative ideas, which particularly attract consumers’ attention and convey different themes and preferences.

The outer packaging paper for making the mink eyelash box, there are special paper, there is ordinary paper,

 The surface texture of special paper is very unique, such as laser silver, star glitter paper, lizard paper, Gree texture, etc. This special paper brings different visual effects, is very shiny, and it is very different Tall, the taste and grade are highlighted through the eyelashes boxes.

Although the surface of the ordinary paper is ordinary, when it is made, adding different ideas, it will stand out. For example, the outer surface of the ordinary carton is decorated with feathers, which is light and noble; for example, different patterns are printed on the lid , Novel and unique; for example, the design of the lid is opened in different directions, some are pull-out type, divided into front and rear and left and right, some of the lids are split, and some of the lids have outer edges; for example, The box comes with windows of different shapes, some open windows are a mirror, and some open windows are a thick transparent film, through the plastic film can peep part of the eyelashes, the desire to buy is even stronger.

Of course, there are cartons available at low prices. The cartons are light and the shipping cost is low.

At present, the rectangular box is the most commonly used eyelash box. Of course, the round transparent box is also more popular with customers. There are transparent plastic boxes, colored plastic boxes, and shiny star paper on the bottom of the plastic box to reflect the difference. Aesthetic eyelashes.

Yellow glitter Rectangular Cardboard eyelash packaging With Window

Black Cheap paper Eyelash box

white Marble Rectangular Cardboardeyelash box With special-shaped Window

Leopard grain Magic Color specialty paper Rectangular eyelash box

Magic Color Cartoon Characters specialty paper Rectangular eyelash box

Rose Cheap paper Eyelash box

Cash Cheap paper Eyelash box

Holographic Cheap paper Eyelash box

silver glitter Magic Color specialty paper Rectangular eyelash box

What is good luxury mink lashes packaging design?

Does the perfect FREE Cheap Eyelash Case for Beginner DIY exist? We start by asking such questions. Although many marketing channels can provide good exposure, only packaging can reach all your customers. It starts the dialogue and makes up the first element to be judged. Therefore, to some extent, each box is an ideal way to build relationships with customers. However, to truly become a “perfect” packaging box, there are five most important functions your packaging box should have.

The box is the first possibility to “attract” potential customers. The durability of packaging is one of the biggest challenges.

The boxes convey your brand message, the packaging is a great way to tell your brand.

And the good packaging should be Easy to open.

In the packaging world, there is almost nothing annoying that takes too much time to open a box.

The box should protect your product-obviously, right?
Yes, this is the most important and basic function of packaging: the degree to which the contents are fixed.

How much does it cost to make a 3D mink strip lashes box

You have two choice to choose your Lashes packaging.

The first one, you can choose regular box .

Each Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor have their general lashes box in stock, and you can buy them directly, what’s more it is much cheaper than custom package box. And you can order them right now. And if you have your logo and brand name, you can also put on your logo label on the tray with little money.

The second one, if you have a big budget , you should do Eyelash Custom Package to build your eyelash brand.

And if you do your Lashes Custom Packaging you should begin with 100 boxes, and you can make a bulk order, so you should have your own logo and brand name before you do your Eyelash Custom Box. If you don’t have your Eyelash Logo, you can contact me to get your free logo, and our designer will design for you just free if you choose ProluxuryLashes to be your Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes Vendors.

So if you choose a regular box that will be USD$0.5 to USD$2.5 according to the box you choose and the more you order the cheaper they will be. If you do Custom Lashes Box, that will be much more expensive than a regular box, and that will be 1.5 USD to 3.5 USD according to your craft and quantity.


Q: What is the minimum order for the product?

A: According to the details of the order. Large quantities can be discounted.

Q: How long does production and delivery time take?

A: The approximate time depends on your order volume, please contact our service team for more detailed information.

Q: What is the minimum order for the product?

A: According to the details of the order. Large quantities can be discounted.

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