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How to choose the right eyelash box?

Recently, more and more private Customized luxury eyelash box have entered the eyelash market. This shows that eyelash traders are paying more and more attention to the role of packaging, hoping to attract more consumers through packaging. However, many businesses have over-packaged, which makes consumers feel that they have paid for a package instead of eyelashes. As an eyelash business, our focus should be on the quality of the eyelashes rather than the packaging of the eyelashes. So how to choose an eyelash box that can attract customers without over-packing?

Choose the right eyelash box according to the type of eyelashes

Eyelashes are 13 mm, 16 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm and so on. You can choose the right eyelashes by eradicating their length. Choose a smaller box for eyelashes with a smaller length, which can effectively reduce the weight of the eyelashes and eyelashes box and reduce the shipping cost you bear. For those longer eyelashes, you can choose an octagonal box or a larger box. This can well protect the eyelashes. If you use a smaller box to hold long eyelashes, the box will press on the tip of the eyelashes and damage the eyelashes.

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Choose an eyelash box according to the purpose

Some customers buy eyelash boxes for their own use, so these customers recommend some simple and practical boxes. Some customers are makeup artists or stage workers, they will wear different eyelashes in a short time, you should recommend an eyelash book and a large amount of eyelash boxes, such as a mirror or eyelash glue and eyelash tweezers Suit. There is also a type of customers who buy eyelashes to give to friends, and this type of customers need beautifully packaged boxes.

Different customers choose different eyelash boxes for different purposes. But as an eyelash business, you need to have all types of eyelash boxes ready, no matter the quantity. Let customers see your products intuitively. ProluxuryLashes has a variety of eyelash boxes, and can also be Customized luxury eyelash box. Let the needs of customers be fully satisfied.