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Customized services from top eyelash companies

Customized services are specialized services that appear from time to time based on people’s diverse needs that cannot be met. Products that are different from all products on the market can be made according to personal preferences. The three basic requirements of customized services are privacy, personalization, and personal benefits. Maximize the role of customization in the competition. Proluxurylashes can meet all your customized service requirements. Give your custom Eyelashes Box Logo Design. The interests of customers are the highest.

Vendor’s customized eyelash box

Custom Eyelashes Box Logo Design also like this. To customize a box, you need to determine the size of the box, the shape of the box, the material of the box, the color of the logo, and so on. You need to determine the size of the eyelash box according to the size of your eyelashes, so that the eyelashes are very stable and will not be damaged during transportation. Develop a color and shape that is different from most eyelash boxes on the market, which can make your product more attractive and allow consumers to find your product immediately among many products. The private customized box will become your competitive weapon.

How to design a logo for top eyelashes vendor?

First, color matching. We will provide you with various types of eyelash boxes, and you can choose all colors. However, it must be noted that the color of the LOGO should not be the same or similar to the color of the packaging box, which will lead to poor visual experience.

Second, you need to choose a different font for your brand name. If you’re using a glitter eyelash wrapper, you’ll need to choose a thicker font to make it clearer. If you choose a plain or light-colored box, you can use slender signature font to show your unique aesthetic to your customers, so that they think you are a high-end personage with taste.

Third, pay attention to the use of space. Don’t let your logo cover the entire surface of the box. It can be confusing and sometimes small logos can make a difference.

Label design for top eyelash manufacturer

A good eyelash label should include an easy-to-understand description of the eyelashes so that consumers can choose the eyelashes that suit them even when they read it. This can greatly save consumers’ time costs. Also, write your own brand information on the label so that consumers can find this product more easily when repurchasing. In addition to the brand information on the packaging, company information should also be added in appropriate places to play a good role in promoting false eyelash companies.

Private customized OEM service

Give me your ideas, and we will give you a satisfactory customized service to make your logo, label, and box unique so that you can attract more consumers. Below I will show some products customized by merchants here.

ProluxuryLashes has been engaged in the eyelash industry for more than ten years and is confident and capable to provide you with the best-customized services.


Can I purchase a sample order for eyelashes?

 Yes, you can ,we welcome sample order for testing and checking quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

 Is it easy to print my logo on box of eyelashes product?

 Yes, we can ,you need to confirm the final Printed text and pictures .

 Are you lashes manufacturer ?

Yes ,we are lashes manufacturer for 15years

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