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How to customize eyelash boxes in ProluxuryLashes?

In this era, more and more people are pursuing uniqueness. The same goes for eyelash boxes. The unique eyelash box can help you sell better and better promote your own brand. Recently, many customers have asked me to make eyelash boxes? So what should I pay attention to when looking for ProluxuryLashes Customized service of high-end eyelash box?

About shape

First of all, please tell us the specific shape of the custom eyelash box you want. Before, a customer asked me to make a crown-shaped eyelash box. When I asked him for details, he went offline. When I showed him the sample, he felt dissatisfied. So please tell me the specific shape before making it. The best way is to find a specific picture from the Internet, so that we can have a rough outline. The most important point is to tell me the size of the box, because it is difficult to tell the size of the pictures on the Internet. It may have one pair of eyelashes or three pairs of eyelashes. So please tell me the size, if you don’t know, just tell me how many pairs of eyelashes need to be loaded.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About color

Please tell me the color of the eyelash box you want, which includes the color inside the box and the color outside the box. I will also send you a picture of various colors to facilitate your choice.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About logo

Logo can be said to be the most important step in customizing the eyelash box. In order to ensure that it is foolproof, please send me the high-definition logo picture, and I will also make the picture for you to check. The size, position, and color of the logo are all things we need to discuss.

Customized service of high-end eyelash box

About quantity

Because private ordering takes a lot of time and manpower. And the cost and time cost of machine operation is very high. So our private customized MOQ is 100. We are a high-end eyelash maker, and customized boxes are a high-end service we provide. What we want is to promote our eyelashes through the box. After you have ordered the eyelash box, you can purchase some samples of our eyelashes to go back for testing. Our quality will not let you down.

ProluxuryLashes aims to provide Customized service of high-end eyelash box and provide the best quality eyelash products. If you want to have a unique design, please contact me as soon as possible.

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