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What are 25mm eyelashes

Recently, 25mm eyelash have been purchased by consumers and they have become a loyal fan of 25mm eyelashes. Some consumers will have this question, what is the difference between 25mm eyelashes and other eyelashes? Next, I will use this blog to explain its meaning and why it is popular.

First of all, what does 25mm eyelash menas

Mm means millimeter. 25mm eyelashes are not all the length of the eyelashes reaching 25mm, but the length of the longest part of it is straightened and measured. The length of ordinary eyelashes is about 13-18mm. This kind of eyelashes is closer to the length of human body’s natural eyelashes. If you don’t observe carefully after wearing it, it is difficult to find that you are wearing false eyelashes. These lengths of eyelashes are more suitable for wearing on formal occasions, so these ordinary length eyelashes are welcomed by the majority of professional women.

25mm eyelash display

Second, the reason why 25mm eyelashe are popular

Today’s fashion trends are changing rapidly, and people’s makeup is also quietly changing. Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing their own makeup to be different from others, but they also have to take care of beauty and charm. Proluxurylashes discovered the real needs of consumers, and innovated decisively to develop new 25mm eyelash. proluxurylashes is the first company to develop 25mm eyelashes. Because of its unique length, 25mm eyelashes are also welcomed by those with unrestrained personality and sexy.

25mm eyelash display

Because 100% pure mink hair is used as the raw material, it will not increase the burden on consumers’ eyes due to the increase in length. Consumers will not feel any discomfort when wearing it. 25mm eyelashes have both unrestrained beauty and comfort, which is why they have been welcomed by consumers as soon as they were put on the market.

Do you want to seize the opportunity when 25mm eyelashes are just starting to become popular? Opportunities are always reserved for brave people. We will provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory prices.

" I learned eyelashes are the key to life, because they make everyone look fabulous."

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