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Those things about making eyelashes

Recently, some customers want to know who needs to complete such a pair of small eyelashes. What processes are needed? I will start from the beginning about mink Eyelash making process.

About design

The most important thing to make an eyelash is to have a design concept. Our designers will determine a design concept according to the different seasons and the changes in fashion trends in society. Determine a first draft of eyelashes. Then our staff will take these first drafts to the streets and online to do research, and then revise the first draft of eyelashes according to the suggestions of people. Then we will make several pairs of eyelashes, which will be worn by our staff and models to check the effect. This is done to reflect the most realistic effect of wearing eyelashes. The designer will modify the style of the eyelashes according to the wearing effect. This is the final eyelash drawing. It takes nearly a month to design a pair of new eyelashes.

About raw materials

The number of mink hairs needed to make eyelashes is very limited. The mink hair of our eyelashes is made from the hair that naturally falls off the mink tail. The eyelashes on other parts of the mink’s body are not up to the standard for making mink eyelashes in terms of length and hardness. The cost of raising mink is also very high. The living space of the mink and the food it needs must be sufficient, otherwise the hair will be unnatural and lusterless, and it will not meet the standards for making eyelashes.


About our production workers

Eyelash making is a very hard work, and most young people do not like to do this kind of work. So most eyelash workers are middle-aged women. They are around 40 years old. The number of people in this age group will decrease every year, so I think that in the future, there will be fewer and fewer people doing this kind of work, and the price of eyelashes will be higher than it is now.

A pair of small eyelashes may seem simple, but in fact, it will be very difficult to make. This is why ProluxuryLashes eyelashes are expensive. The visible and hidden costs are really expensive. Eyelash making process is complex. This is why our eyelashes are of new style and good quality. This is the specific mink Eyelash making process. If you want to know about our eyelashes, please contact me.

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