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About the classification of best eyelash glue

Eyelash glue is the adhesive that binds false eyelashes to your eyes. But there are many styles of eyelash glue that work differently. A lot of people don’t understand and won’t recommend it to consumers, so I’ll show you a few different mascara types of glue to give you a clear idea of the differences. Let you better recommend to consumers. Give your customers the best eyelash glue.

best eyelash glue

Black eyelash glue

Black eyelash glue, as the name implies, is the color of the glue. This glue largely replaces eyeliner. When you apply black eyelash glue, you’ll find that your eyeliner is already perfect and you don’t need to reapply makeup. Black eyelash glue is a great option for those who are pressed for time and don’t have much time to put on make-up.

best eyelash glue

Clear eyelash glue

There is no difference in appearance between the transparent eyelash glue and the usual office glue. However, clear eyelash glue is not sticky when it is just applied to the eyelashes and will become sticky after a period of time. This will give you enough time to get rid of the glue on the outside of the eyelash stem without affecting the use of the eyelashes. When you use special colored eyeliner, you must use clear eyelash glue, because colored eyelash glue will hide the color of the lash line.

best eyelash glue

Milky whit eyelash glue

Milky white eyelash glue is an updated version of transparent eyelash glue. The difference with clear eyelash glue is that it changes color. Like clear eyelash glue, it takes a while for it to become sticky. But this time it became clearer. When the milky white eyelash glue starts to stick, the color will change from cream to clear. This allows consumers to more accurately determine the time of wear. Let the eyelash glue get the most out of it.

Proluxurylashes glue has finely processed and harmless to human skin. We are responsible for the attitude of consumer production of eyelash glue, so that consumers with rest assured, comfortable use.

Do you know more best eyelash glue and tips for using eyelash glue? Let’s share it.

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