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Different People With Different styles Eyelashes

In order to better understand the products and give our customers better Eyelash Selection, Each of us has chosen a Favorite Mink Lash. We also Wear 3D Mink Lashes to better feel the beauty that the eyelashes bring to us. Because each person’s eyes are different in size and shape, Each person’s Choice Of Eyelash Styles is different.

Let me show you a video, The video of my four colleagues wearing eyelashes.

The first one is my colleague wearing the New Mink Eyelashes–DM30; The second is the DM39–20mm 3D Mink Lashes; The third is the Natural Mink Lashes–A006, The fourth one is the 3D41-2, Which the Hot Selling Mink Lashes.

Do you find that Different Styles Of Lashes worn by everyone are very beautiful? Because everyone has eyelashes that suit them. How long Mink Lashes do you prefer ? Which eyelash do you prefer?

Proluxurylashes not only provides High-Quality Mink Eyelashes, But also we wear eyelashes to show the effect to our customers, And Provide Better Service for our customers. We found that After Wearing False Lashes, the whole person is different from before, Just like makeup, Wearing False eyelashes will also give you a different surprise.



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