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Do you know handmade eyelashes

Now, more and more people do eyelash business. The quality of eyelashes is different. The style of eyelashes is divided into mechanical eyelashes and handmade eyelashes. Most of the mechanical eyelashes are made by machines. This production of eyelashes, good appearance, large output, but the quality can not be guaranteed. Manual eyelashes are made by a little bit of people, the workmanship is very delicate, but very complex, the output is relatively low. Although the production of mechanical eyelashes is large, but the market is popular is manual eyelashes. Do you know handmade eyelashes process ?

Here are two steps in cannes lashes’s handmade eyelashes process today: placing mink hair and gluing.

Beginning of eyelashes —— placement of mink hair

This is the most important step in making eyelashes by hand. Placement of mink hair requires workers to place one by one according to the drawings, which requires workers to have very good endurance and professionalism. Why is this the most important step? Because this affects the style of the final eyelash product.

putting of handmade eyelashes

final step in the birth of eyelashes —— glue bonding

Cannes Lashes’eyelash sizing is done manually and uses two-point sizing.Two-point Gluing is impossible for machine-made eyelashes. advantage of two-point gluing is that there is no offset printing and it is cleaner. This will consume a lot of workers’ time. The glue we use is imported, no harm to the eyes, can be safely worn. After bonding, place the eyelashes on the eyelash clip.

Hand-made eyelashes take a lot of manpower, material and time. This can ensure the quality of eyelashes. Each eyelash infuses the worker’s painstaking effort and the designer’s soul, endows the eyelash with a new life.

Our factory is committed to making 100% handmade eyelashes with very high quality. If you are interested in our products, please contact me!!!

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