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Does Chinese New year affect wholesale mink lashes?

I believe many wholesalers know that China has ushered in its own Spring Festival. Yes, it is today. There is no doubt that eyelash factories have been off, and many suppliers have been off. But foreign friends are not at the same time as us. So today, or in recent days, is our holiday. But Valentine’s Day is coming, is your inventory not enough to sell? Does this holiday affect wholesale mink lashes? Here in Proluxurylashes, you don’t have to worry. During the holidays, Proluxurylashes will work properly to provide customers with the necessary mink eyelashes. Although our factory has been shut down, we have a large stock.

Custom eyelash box can’t be finished

because the custom of eyelash box need factory to do, we can’t finish it. Custom eyelash boxes include printing logo and customizing according to your process drawings. Because the factory is on holiday, we can’t finish it. Proluxurylashes said I’m sorry. However, if you want to customize the eyelash box, it is recommended that you can place an order in advance. After the factory starts, we will give priority to your order in front, give priority to production for you, and then ship. Our delivery speed is a lot, samples 5-7 days, products can be delivered to customers within 15 days.

Eyelashes, glue, tweezers, eyelash boxes sold normally

There is a large stock in our warehouse. lashes of various styles, we have stock. For hot selling styles like 3 D mink eyelashes, we specially reserve some convenient customers to order. Glue moisture is 5 ml、10ml and eyeliner pen. Eyeliner pens can be used as glue or glue. Tweezers are also available in all colors. Eyelash box is also in stock, just said that custom eyelash box can not be completed, now can wholesale only our stock of eyelash box. So if you want to order eyelashes or glue or tweezers or eyelash boxes, you can contact me directly. Be sure not to delay your normal sales. For businessmen, time is money.

wholesale mink lashes--Eyeliner pen

During the Chinese New year, Proluxurylashes will not affect your normal wholesale mink lashes. If you plan to order but can’t find a supplier, come and Proluxurylashes. it our eyelashes are all of high quality. If you want to wholesale mink hair eyelashes now, contact me.

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