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As an Eco-friendly Vegan false Lashes Wholesale Company, we uphold the cruelty-free and humane concept to produce environmentally friendly vegetarian eyelashes. Below I will recommend the two most popular eyelashes for you to choose from.

Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes

3D Silk Lashes are made of a rare soft silk material that provides an ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting wear. Each lash is 100 percent made with the softest silk material and with a unique cotton thread band. Our specifically-developed, cotton-thread band allows for easy and fast application.

The thicker, clusters of lashes create a feathery appearance and slightly spiky look. This super full, flared design offers incredible length to your natural lashes and intensifies your eyes instantly. Perfect looking for special occasions where you want to stand out; this high quality, luxurious lashes look amazing once applied. We love this style and we know you will, too!

As the best lashes manufacturer, we can also provide lashes custom service. No matter the color or length, we can meet all of your needs.

Classic and comfortable silk eyelashes wholesale

Why do eyelash vendor launch wand lashes

As an Eco-friendly Vegan false Lashes Wholesale Company, we must every customers’ requirements. Because each country has different preferences for eyelashes made from animal hair. But they like lashes with layers and smooth surfaces. In order to meet this demand, we continue to innovate and finally launched the wand eyelashes.

It is not made of mink hair, but it has the same texture as mink hair eyelashes. Because it made of synthetic protein silk, it also has some of the characteristics of mink lashes. On this basis, it also has some characteristics that mink lashes do not have, such as stronger eyelashes. If you are a vegan or animal protectionist, wearing this eyelash is perfect. The Wand Lashes have a 3D visual sense, the eyelashes are firm, the eyelashes are thin and soft, and they feel comfortable after wearing. Superior materials do not cause allergies.

The best eyelashes by lash manufacturer in 2020——wand lashes

Other types of eyelashes

In addition to the most common silk eyelashes and mink eyelashes, there are also some eyelashes that are used in fixed places on special occasions. For example, colored eyelashes which are not suitable for daily life but have miraculous effects on stage. Bottom eyelashes are dedicated to the eyelashes under the eyesHorsehair eyelashes and transparent stem eyelashes are not as widespread as silk eyelashes and mink eyelashes, but they also have their own loyal fans.

Stunning colored eyelashes catalogue

Eco-friendly Eyelash tray

The Biodegradable & ECO-friendly eyelash set are made of ecological natural plant fibers. Most importantly, we do not add other materials, so all formed pulp products can be completely biodegradable in a short time.

Moreover, the entire production process meets the requirements of environmental protection, low water consumption, and no waste of waste water or gas generation during production. Extremely friendly to the environment.

Our mission: Always provide customers with the most high-end eyelash and services, so that each partner continues to profit.

In the era of deteriorating global environment, if we want to ensure that each of our partners continues to profit, the only way is to take the path of sustainable development.

We believe that the highest-end eyelash products must be ECO-friendly and socially responsible.

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How to expand your own eyelash wholesale business

Maintain good cooperative relations with vendors. As you sell more and more eyelashes, maintaining a good relationship with your vendors becomes more and more important for the stability of your business. Your eyelash business is constantly developing, and you need to make sure that you can get a lower price and faster service. Ignoring vendors may lead to a series of terrible consequences such as failure of your purchase order and loss of customers.

Promote through online marketing. Now that people use their mobile phones to browse various websites every day, online marketing activities have become the most efficient method. You need to take product photos as much as possible and post them on Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social media platforms frequently used by customers. And a detailed description of these products. This allows consumers to know product information and purchase without asking us.

Payment methods and logistics methods for top eyelash factory

Usually we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only USD 25.00 below 0.5kgs. It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe.

Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPS, FedEx, TNT, ADPEX, DPEX, and so on. Just meet your request.

The main payment methods are Paypal, West Union, and Alibaba trade assurance order. On the premise of ensuring the security of the payment environment, we can try our best to meet your different payment requirements.

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How much is shipping to my country?

The cost of shipping depends on the weight of your purchase and your final destination address. Once you enter your shipping address during checkout your shipping cost will appear in your cart before you finalize your purchase.

Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

Yes, We accept custom package box with your own logo and accept OEM.

How we can make an order?

To make an order, please follow these steps:
1) Look at our website or catalog
2) Email us or by WhatsApp send us the the code of the style you wish to order with the quantity needed for each style.
3) We will reply with a price quotation
4) Confirm your order
5) We will inform you the “ready date”
6) Arrange payment for your order

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