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Eyelash Guide: Take good lashes photos in social media

The perfect social media photo is the key to stimulating the interest of potential customers and motivating existing customers. A good way to achieve this is to upload a photo of your beautiful eyelashes! Do you want to take good photos for your lashes?

Our ultimate goal is to show the advantages of our eyelashes by ensuring that every social media photo is high-quality, clear, and likable, with the best photo to highlight the extension of the eyelashes. So how do you take good photos for your social media?

Take good photos for your lashes

Take good photos for your lashes: Ensure perfect sample

Before shooting, first select a pair of complete eyelashes as the shooting sample, don’t choose one eyelash randomly. If this is the case, no matter how high your photography skills are, your photos will not be perfect.

Second, after you have selected the eyelashes, use an eyelash comb to figure out the texture of each eyelash. Don’t let the eyelashes become knotted or irregular. Make your eyelashes more natural and fuller. Only with a perfect pair of shooting samples will you take attractive photos.

Take good photos for your lashes: Choose a suitable photo background

For eyelashes, the background of the shot does not need to be too complicated, and the color of the background should not be too bright. Because eyelashes are a relatively small and black product.

A background that is too bright or too complicated will make consumers focus on the background. If you don’t know how to choose, just choose a pure white background. This can bring out your eyelashes to the greatest extent so that all consumers’ attention is on the eyelashes.

Take good photos for your lashes: Good lighting and focus

Good lighting and focus are the most critical factors in the process of taking photos. For lighting, the best choice is sunlight, where the eyelashes appear the most natural. For the shadows irradiated by the sun, you can choose a ring light to fill the light. Remember! Never use the flash of a mobile phone or camera to shoot. Using flash is to make the photos appear a lot of glare. You don’t want your consumers to have hallucinations when viewing photos.

Accurate focus on eyelashes. Good focus can enable consumers to see more details, show the advantages of your eyelashes, and highlight the eyelashes themselves. Without a good focus, your photos will become blurred and pixelated, and the entire photo will be in a distorted state, making it impossible for consumers to view it.

Take good photos for your lashes: Choose a suitable shooting angle

In the process of shooting multiple sets of eyelashes. Be sure to choose the angle that best shows the eyelash advantages. For example, shooting from above can show all the eyelashes, shooting from the side can show the curvature of the eyelashes, and shooting from the front can show the wearing effect of the eyelashes. You can also take a set of detailed pictures of eyelashes. Let your consumers have a more comprehensive understanding of your eyelashes.

Edit photos appropriately

Appropriate edits can be made to the photos taken to make your photos more perfect. But don’t use too many filters and a lot of editing pictures, this will make your photos very fake and lose the original natural advantages.

The above are some suggestions for the overall process of take good photos for your lashes. Would you like to know more detailed shooting techniques? Learn more in the Proluxurylashes social media shooting tips blog.

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