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Eyelash Knowledge: What’s the good lashes glue?

False eyelash glue is used together with false eyelashes and is an indispensable step in beauty makeup. If you want to have attractive eyes, glue is essential. Let’s take a look at the types of glue below and what is good lashes glue.

A bunch of eyelash glue(good lashes glue)

By the Ingredients

The first common puzzle is what does glue consist of? Generally, they have the following components: Aqua, Vitamin E, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, ISO Butyl acrylate, 2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate, Methylacrylate-Acid , etc.

By color

The next most common confusion is about what color adhesive works best. The glue has three colors, transparent glue and black glue, and white glue. Only the color of the three colors is different. It’s not so much that one ever works better than the other, but here are my rules for choosing which to go with:

Black Glue: I love using black glue when I’m working with black lashes and black eyeliner. Otherwise, black glue will contrast any other color used once its dried and can look messy on the eyes. The main advantage of black eyelash glue is the fact that it is virtually untraceable on the lashes.

The issue with this type of glue is that it’s not quite as strong as the clear extension glue that is used for the same purpose. The adding of the pigment compromises the strength. In addition, some clients may report sensitivities or allergies to the black pigment.

Clear Glue: Colorful lashes are increasing in popularity fast, especially during the summer season and for holidays, so clear lash glue can be a massive advantage. In addition, clear lash glue bonds a bit better, as it contains no pigment that interferes with the bonding action.

Clear is always easy and works with all colors, but can sometimes dry a little shiny. A quick fix is to take your eyeliner or shadow and lightly go over the band to matte down the shiny adhesive.

White Glue: When white eyelash glue sets, it becomes transparent, similar to clear eyelash glue, which is beginner friendly.

As a golden rule, always make sure to read the adhesive instructions carefully before applying.

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