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For vegetarians: How to identify silk eyelashes?

There are many types of false eyelashes. In order to facilitate your future eyelashes business, it is necessary for you to know some practical skills to distinguish the types of false eyelashes. Today’s article will teach you tips to identify silk eyelashes.

1. Appearance observation method about identify silk eyelashes

In terms of external characteristics, Silk eyelashes are lighter than mink eyelashes but harder. Mink eyelashes give off the natural luster of animal hair, while silk eyelashes have a shiny luster. In addition, with the same density of eyelashes, silk eyelashes are neater than mink eyelashes, because the natural curl of each hair of mink eyelashes is different.

A pair of eyelashes, and some methods about how to identify silk eyelashes

2. Need some tools to do small experiments

Some small experiments can help you identify silk eyelashes more accurately. One way is you can choose to put the eyelashes in hot water. Mink eyelashes are easy to deform, while silk eyelashes are not easy to deform, and it is easier to maintain the original shape. Another method is to burn the eyelashes with fire. After the mink eyelashes burn, the hair will smell of burnt and turn into black powder. The silk eyelashes will smell of burnt plastic after burning, and show black lump. The most accurate and more complicated method is to observe with a microscope. The raw material of silk eyelashes is chemical fiber, which is different from mink eyelashes made of animal hair, so they will not see hair scales when viewed under a microscope.

A pair of eyelashes, and some methods about how to identify silk eyelashes

  The above are some ways to distinguish real silk eyelashes, I hope they are helpful to you. If you have any other questions, please leave a message on my homepage.

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