High-end Private Custom Luxury Eyelashes

Do you know high-end private custom luxury eyelashes? Why are they high-end? What are their unusual advantages? Some people may know part of it, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. If you have some confusion, please read this page to find the answer.

What is a high-end private custom luxury eyelashes strip service

High-end private custom luxury eyelash service is a service for false eyelash products and related eyelash accessories such as eyelashes box, lashes tweezers, and eyelashes glue. Whether you want to customize eyelashes or eyelash accessories, you can communicate with the brand’s professional designers.

The designers will try their best to meet your requirements and customize eyelash styles with your inspiration. You can customize your own eyelash box according to your own preferences or needs.

There are many options for the material, shape, color, and style of the eyelash box. You can match by yourself. Of course, you can also choose the color of the eyelash tweezers and the pattern of the eyelash glue bottle.

High-end customized eyelash accessories

Best 3D mink strip lashes designer Oscar Introduction

Mr. Oscar is the chief designer of our brand. For many years, Mr. Oscar led his team to design many popular eyelash products. They have many representative works, including the Legend series eyelashes, the Flora series eyelashes, the Passion series eyelashes, and so on. The most popular is the Legend eyelashes, once occupied the throne of sales champion.

The design philosophy that Oscar and his team have been pursuing is that the beauty of eyelashes is warm and meaningful, not just a simple cosmetic on a female dressing table. They have always adhered to this concept, constantly introducing new designs, and working hard on the path of chasing beauty.

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The most popular legend mink strip eyelashes

High-end private custom luxury label eyelashes service features

In today’s increasingly personalized society, private customization services are becoming more and more popular, and high-end eyelash custom luxury services are no exception. This is determined by their features. High-end private custom luxury eyelashes services can maximize eyelash buyers’ satisfaction with the eyelashes they buy. Fixed pattern eyelashes and eyelash accessories inevitably have some places that you are not satisfied, but high-end eyelash customization services provide you with products that are 100% in line with your ideas. Why do you not like them?

In addition to the first time, high-end eyelash customization services can also reflect personal characteristics and personality to the greatest extent and can show your attitude towards life.This is also one of the characteristics of high-end eyelash customization services.

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High-end private custom luxury eyelashes bulk service process

To perform high-end private custom luxury eyelashes services, you must do these steps. You can first communicate with the brand to understand all the types of eyelashes and eyelash accessories that the brand can provide, as well as the details of customized services and a detailed introduction of samples.

Next, you can roughly plan the product information you want based on the information you have obtained, such as the length of the eyelashes, the degree of curl, or the material, shape, and color of the eyelash boxes.

Finally, after determining the general idea, a professional designer of the brand will communicate with you. You can tell the designer in detail about your preferences. The designer will give some reference suggestions and meet your requirements as much as possible, and In this process, you can repeatedly discuss the details with the designer to complete the presentation of the final work.

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Q: How do I get mink hair material?

A: It is taken from naturally falling hair and is sterilized at high temperature without killing.

Q: Can I wash my eyelashes?

A: Yes, our eyelashes are waterproof, and they look the same after drying.

Q: Can eyelashes be trimmed?

A: If the belt is very long for your eyes, you can trim and adjust the belt yourself.

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