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How do you face when customers ask for prices?

when you are standing by the river, you must have a heart which want to see the sea. 

In recent days, there are several customers who ask me about the price of Mink Lashes. When your customers ask about your Lashes Price, How do you deal with it?

Since the customer asked you about the price of the 3D Lashes, It means that he is conscious of the Eyelashes and interested in the Lashes.

Since they contact you, As long as not a peer, You should cherish it. Now the time is very valued, The customer will not spend time asking your price for no reason.

Unless it is a peer to inquire about the price. If it is a peer, Do not care about.

But customers are interested in 3d Mink Lashes China, But when they are not very professional, You need help and guidance. You need to understand the customer’s situation, Seek the customer’s confusion, And where is the need for help?

When the customers contacts you, You have to think about his words. And see where his needs for Lashes are.

When he asks the Lashes Price directly, You should not rush to answer the price. First ask him a few simple questions. The customer is easy to answer and you can grasp the customer’s situation.

For example: “Do you buy Mink Lashes for yourself or sell?” “Have you bought 3d Lashes before?” “What style of Mink Lashes USA do you like?” “How many pairs of Lashes do you want?”, etc., According to different customer. Ask their situation.

After understanding the customer’s demand point, You can make some suggestions to the customers. After the valuable information is provided, Tell the customer that he can make a choice according to his own situation!

Don’t force, Don’t worry, Let customers make decisions!

After understanding the customer situation, Customers can basically be divided into two categories:

  • First, They want to buy their own 3d Mink Lashes.
  • Second, Customers who want to do Lashes Business.

How do you guide customers who want to Wear Lashes to judge ?

We are very happy that we can help you. 3D Mink Lashes has a variety of styles, It is recommended that you choose different styles of Lashes, Wear Eyelashes for different occasions.

DX, DH, DB style long Lashes will make you more sexy and beautiful, DM, A style Lashes will make you more natural, cute and beautiful.

If you want to try a different style, it is recommended that you try each style.

Here are the different effects of our models Wearing Different Lashes:

How do you guide customers who want to do Lash Business to judge ?

We are very happy that we can help you. 3D Mink Lashes is divided into grades. Before you decide to purchase, you must clearly distinguish the Lashes Grade.

The high-end Lashes are relatively expensive and can be used repeatedly for 20-25 times. It is also comfortable to wear and has no pressure. The cost per wear is low.

The low-end eyelashes are low in price, Can not be reused, And are unnatural. The cost per wear is much higher. The hair is hard, The eyeliner is hard, The placement time is long and easy to break, And there is no hair tip.

So choose the most high-end Lashes and choose the price which more competitive.

Then our products are just right for you, Because our quality is high,
Of course, Our price is very cheap compared to the quality, Our cost performance is very high, Different grades of products are not the same price.

It is recommended that customers Buy samples to compare product market acceptance, product quality and service. Master the rhythm of the negotiations and step up the customer to reach a deal.

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