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How To Apply Lashes For Beginners?

False Eyelashes Extensions are often used in women’s makeup. They can help you make your eyes look bigger. Mink Lashes US are essential for people with short Natural Mink Lashes. So, how should 3D Lashes be applied? People who use it for the first time may ask this question. Let me tell you the correct way to Apply False Eyelashes.

Step 1: Choose the Right Mink Lashes

This eyelash is perfect for her .

Before you Apply Mink Lashes, all you have to do is understand your eye type and the type of Lashes. Because everyone’s eye shape is different, not all false eyelashes are good-looking. For example, Chinese people are more suitable for short Nature Eyelashes, And foreigners can try natural and 25mm Mink Lashes

Step 2: Prepare tools and materials

To say how to apply false eyelashes, it is natural to use some tools and materials. If you want to apply it, You need to prepare lashes glue, Small pointed scissors, Eyelash tweezers and false eyelashes.

Apply False Eyelashes

Our Eyelash tweezers

Step 3: Check the length of the false eyelashes

When attaching Mink Lashes, Be sure to look at The Length Of The Lashes. Use the tweezers to clip the lashes and compare them with the roots of the lashes. If the lashes are longer than your own eyelashes, Then you need to trim them to the appropriate length with scissors.

Step 4: Clip your own eyelashes

Use your Eyelash Curler to first clip your eyelashes, Because some people’s lashes are not bent enough. In order to make the lashes look better, It is best to clip them first, Which is more natural.

Step 5: Applying eyelashes with glue

Spread the glue evenly on the lashes, And apply a little more on both ends, but not too much. Then wait a little while.

Step 6: Fixed eyelashes

After the 3d Lashes mink are attached, Correct the curvature with your fingers. Be sure to correct the glue before it is completely dry.

After reading the above, Do you know how to Attach Fake Eyelashes? Do you think it is very simple? For beginners, It may be slower to get started, as long as you try a few more times, You will become more proficient.
By the way, Glue must choose good glue! Our glue is healthy, odor free and durable. You can have a try!

Apply False Eyelashes
This is a kind of our Eyelash Glue.

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