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How to take photos of Mink Lashes with boxes?

After learning to take photos of 3d Mink Lashes, I began to learn how to take pictures of the Eyelashes USA with the box.

Because you not only need show your Mink Lashes to your customers in detail, 

But also choose the right box for the customers in need,

And then shoot them with the camera to give customers a better choice.

The company has lots of different style boxes. 

When I was taking photos,I not only choose the appropriate 3D Mink Lashes Packing according to the 3d Mink Lashes.

But also matched the shooting style according to the shape and color of the box.

During that time, I found the following points:

First of all, According to the style of the Lashes choose the Mink Eyelashes lashes China .

For example, DX series Lashes, You must choose a large square box to put DX series Lashes. The following is DX series Mink Lashes :

For example, DH and DB series Lashes Packing should also use large boxes, square boxes or larger Rectangular Boxes.

The following is DB series Lashes:

For example, the 3D or some A series of Eyelashes can be used in Round Boxes, Diamond-Shaped Boxes, small Square Boxes, and small Rectangular Boxes. The following is 3D Series Lashes:

 I personally prefer Diamond-Shaped Boxes, Sparkling, And maybe teenagers also love it. Like following:

Each customer has a different aesthetic. When you put a different style of box, there may be more possibilities to attract customers.

You can make decorations with some flowers, Lashes Glue, Or Lashes scorpion. It can make photos more beautiful.

  The most important thing is to clearly show the 3D Mink Lashes when you taking photos of the boxes,

So that customers can better understand what the Eyelashes look like in this box.

  If you are just starting to do the Eyelash Industry, Have you noticed these points?

Not only the box should be displayed from all angles, But also the eyelashes in the box should be clearly displayed.


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