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How to upload products in Ali?

If you want to do lashes Industry through Ali.

First of all, You have to make sure that you have enough products on your Alibaba account.

And that you can upload new products every day.
Upload products every day, which will increase your exposure. It is easier for customers to search for your Mink Lashes products.

When uploading a Lash, You first need to choose some suitable keywords. The choice of keywords can be selected according to Ali’s hot search.

I found these words:
Mink Lashes, 25 mm Mink Eyelash Packaging Box custom , Mink Eyelashes Vendor, Lashes 3D. These all be hot searched on Ali, Using these keywords to describe Eyelashes.

Second, Using a product name that appeals to your customers.

  • When you edit product information:
  • Be aware that some information must be filled out.

For example, the Lashes Material , the Lashes length , So that when customers browse your eyelash products, they can save more time to choose the eyelashes they want.

  • When you choose Lashes pictures:
  • A total of six pictures, The main picture must be clear.

The size should not exceed 5M, Can express the 3d Lash products to be sold, If the main picture size is not standard, The main picture should be white as much as possible.

If the picture is not clear enough, The quality score of the product will be reduced immediately.

Like Following Pictures :

And also you can show Lashes Packing with lashes. Like following:

Finally, the details page:

The details page is a detailed display of your Mink Lashes to the customer, Which requires pictures of the Lashes taken from various aspects.
such as the front, Side, And a pair of lashes placed in a picture.

The details page also should introduces your own Lashes Factory, Because the factory is relatively more competitive.

Introducing the Eyelash Box and giving customers more choices. Introducing Payment Methods and Transportation Methods, So that those who are anxious to receive lashes can place orders in time when you can’t reply to them in the evening.

All in all, A detailed description of your Lashes, Considerate more about customers, Continuous uploading of 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Everything will become easier!


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