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Improvement of vegetarian eyelashes

Best vegan eyelashes extension are designed to cater to some vegetarian eyelashes. The raw materials of traditional vegetarian eyelashes basically use plastic as raw materials, and use sulfated syrup with a pungent chemical smell. If used for a long time, it will seriously damage our skin and real eyelashes, and even endanger our health. The research department of ProluxuryLashes has completely changed the definition of vegetarian eyelashes through continuous experiments. Let’s take a look at the changes.

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best vegan eyelashes extension

Improvement of raw materials

Traditional vegetarian eyelashes use plastic as the main raw material. This kind of eyelashes is not only harmful to the human body, but also very environmentally friendly, causing great harm to the environment. The real silk eyelashes developed by us are made of velvet as the main raw material. The eyelashes made of this material have luster and darker black, which can give people a strong visual experience.

Just this year, we invested a lot of ourselves and carried out a brand-new reform of vegetarian eyelashes, bringing vegetarian eyelashes to a new era. We launched magic wand eyelashes, which are made of bamboo protein fiber, which combines the luster of velvet with the softness of mink hair. Bamboo protein fiber eyelashes not only meet the needs of vegetarians, but also provide a comfortable experience.

Only ProluxuryLashes can provide eyelashes of this material in the world. This is a huge business opportunity for some merchants selling vegetarian eyelashes, and the price of this kind of eyelashes is not too expensive. Consumers are completely acceptable.

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Improvement of production process

When you wear traditional vegetarian eyelashes, have you ever smelled a strong pungent chemical agent, which is the smell of sulfated syrup? They must soak the eyelashes in this chemical agent to produce the curvature of the eyelashes. And if the eyelashes made by this process touch water, the curvature of the eyelashes will disappear, which is equivalent to disposable eyelashes.

After continuous research by our scientific researchers, we use the temperature control technology of eyelash curvature. This end does not require the use of any chemical reagents. The vegan eyelashes made by the physical ironing process have more beautiful curvature, and the best vegan eyelashes extension are softer.

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We can confidently say that currently only our company has this technology, and this technology is also our core competitiveness. We all insist on using the highest quality raw materials and the most fashionable designs. Stable quality improves customer satisfaction, and we continue to introduce new styles to adapt to the trend. We have accumulated a number of long-term customers. Fast delivery enables customers to stabilize the supply of goods and better meet customer needs. We strive to cancel after-sales service because we strive to do our best without shortcomings. We are the manufacturer and leader in the eyelash market.

Whether you choose velvet eyelashes or bamboo protein fiber eyelashes, ProluxuryLashes is your best choice.