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Sample Pack 2—-Lashes Product Description

a lot of customers may have just started the eyelash business, or work with Proluxurylashes for the first time. For this sample package 1 eyelash products are not familiar, want to know more. So now, I’ll do the eyelash product introduction in this lashes sample pack.

The lashes sample pack have three series of eyelashes, DX、DM and DW. in this sample bag DX and DM are 100% mink hair, DW vegetarian eyelashes.

Black Zhang Fei Eye — DX

This series of eyelashes is longer than the other two series of eyelashes. it is the eyelash between 28 mm and 30 mm.

Applicable to some white and all black in Europe and America — DM

The eyelashes in this series are between 20 mm and 22 mm. Human eyelashes are about 12 mm, this eyelash is a normal length.

A vegetarian paradise — DW

This series of eyelashes we specially designed for vegetarians. Here’s the effect of white vegans in Europe and D America, second only to 3 mink hairs. see here, you may wonder what is the effect of 3 D mink hair? I’ll mention it later.

If you buy within 5 days, we will give you a paper eyelash box. There are various colors and patterns for you to choose from. But the benefit lasts only five days, and it will expire after five days. After the benefits, the eyelash box will be plastic and free. without any pattern, pure transparent. I think the paper eyelash box is very beautiful. So in five days of welfare, come and buy it.

lashes sample pack 1

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