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Why don’t we provide free samples

Recently, many customers said that they want to order large quantities of eyelash products from our company, but they want some Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples to check our quality before ordering. This is a very reasonable thing, after all, there are certain risks in online shopping. But when I said that I needed to pay for shipping and sample costs, the customer was not contacting me, and some even said that our company was a fraudulent company.

So why are our Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples not free?

High cost

Like an ordinary pair of eyelash samples, the price is about $6, but the shipping is very expensive. A pair of eyelash samples will cost about US$30 for shipping to the United States, and shipping to other remote countries may cost up to US$70. Customers are unwilling to bear this part of the cost. Imagine that nearly 30 customers ask me for medicines every day. The freight is already a very high cost. And not everyone can order large quantities of goods after receiving the samples.

Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples

Some customers say that other eyelash companies only deduct the shipping cost when sending samples, and the cost of the eyelashes itself is not accepted. But our company hasn’t noticed yet. For eyelashes, the cost between them is also very different. Our company’s eyelash products are made of 100% mink hair, and each pair of eyelashes can be used 25-30 times. Those cheap eyelashes can be said to be disposable products. Therefore, the cost of our eyelashes is high and the price is relatively expensive. Just like cosmetics, what you buy on the roadside is always cheaper than what you buy in specialty stores, but the quality is much lower than that of specialty stores.

Complex production process

Sometimes the products that customers want need to be customized. At this time we will admit the cost of mold opening. Because from the general design concept given by the customer, to the completion of the design by our designers, to the completion of the processing. Every step requires a fee. And when making such a single private customized sample, the cost of machine operation is much higher than the cost of making large quantities of goods. So we will cover part of the cost.

Luxury 3D mink eyelash samples

In the Internet age, online shopping has become a trend. But online shopping also carries great risks, both for buyers and sellers. So trust becomes especially valuable. ProluxuryLashes is a distance eyelash brand. Consumers are also welcome to test our quality, and we must understand each other with consumers. Only in this way will there be a possibility of long-term cooperation.

We take the lead in providing consumers with the best quality and latest style eyelash products! ! !

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