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Black Friday under the virus——Eyelashes

Just yesterday, I saw a report on TV that an American citizen asked this question during an interview. Now that the global virus is serious, can we still buy enough Luxury mink eyelashes under Black Friday ? Can foreign goods be shipped to the United States?

Every year on the fourth Friday of November, American malls will launch a large number of discounts and promotions on this day. This is also the last large-scale promotion before the end. People will also do crazy shopping on this day. Most shopping malls in China use red pens to record deficits and black pens to record profits. On this day, due to a large number of people shopping, profits have greatly increased. This day is also called Black Friday.

So will people not be able to buy products on Black Friday because of the epidemic? Not for our eyelash products.

Luxury mink eyelashes for Black Friday

Strong production capacity

ProluxuryLashes has its own eyelash factory and strong production capacity. Any type of private order can be accepted. It can also produce large quantities of goods in a short time. , Skilled workers and good mink fur materials ensure the quality of the goods. We can guarantee the quality of the Luxury mink eyelashes under Black Friday while guaranteeing the quantity.

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Strong transportation capacity

The transportation method used by ProluxuryLashes is air transportation, which is divided into sea transportation, which is very fast. The goods can be received in about 5 days after production. So please contact me in advance one week before Black Friday. In this way, good business opportunities will not be missed because of no goods.

So what the eyelash merchants have to do is to make their business stronger and bigger in this shopping month. To make some detailed plans. Some eyelash products are discounted, eyelashes are sold in combination with eyelash boxes, eyelash glue, etc. But the most important thing is to prepare all types of eyelashes. There must be no shortage of goods.

We must seize the business opportunities this month, which may be a little longer than the previous 10 months. Proluxurylashes can provide you with the most complete range of eyelash products, which can be produced and shipped the fastest. Let you have a strong backing. If you want to know more about the business opportunities of Black Friday, please contact me.