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Sample pack 4–vegan lashes sample pack

Many vegetarians think mink eyelashes are very cruel, and even if the mink hairs we use fall off naturally, they feel cruel. so Proluxurylashes introduced luxury vegan lashes before, specially for vegetarians. DW and 3 DS have been very popular styles in luxury vegan lashes and have been very popular. Proluxurylashes’s current vegetarian eyelash sample package is designed to facilitate vegetarian selection. Of course, customers who like mink eyelashes can also choose it.

I talked about DW in sample pack 2 , so today Proluxurylashes say 3DS series eyelashes for you.

Silk material — 3DS

This eyelash is made of silk. Compared with DW, the length of the eyelashes is shorter and the arrangement of eyelashes is more evacuation. Suitable for vegetarian white black and brown people.

luxury vegan lashes
luxury vegan lashes

New sample pack lashes

This eyelash box is our latest launch. Like the butterfly girl eyelash box, it is designed for the sample bag. The difference is that this eyelash box can hold 4 pairs of eyelashes, butterfly girl eyelash box can hold 8 pairs. The four plastic eyelash boxes in this eyelash box are free. The designed eyelash box can also accommodate four plastic eyelash boxes.

luxury vegan lashes sample pack

This sample bag is the cheapest of the four sample bags. Because vegetarian eyelashes are cheaper than mink eyelashes.If you like this vegan lashes sample pack, please contact me!!!!

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