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Sample pack 1–mink lashes sample pack

Many customers like mink eyelashes very much, and so do I. Proluxurylashes provide you with high-quality siberian mink hair, mink hair eyelashes more variety. When customers pick up will be more troublesome or more difficult. so, Proluxurylashes introduce our second sample bag for you today — mink lashes sample pack.
this mink lashes sample pack contains 3 D、DB、DX、DM four series of eyelashes, each series is two pairs. In addition, the sample box is our latest butterfly girl sample box. Inside the four plastic eyelash boxes are free, in the sun they can show a different charm. The dazzling color is very beautiful.
DX、DM characteristics of these two eyelashes have been described in the sample pack 1. Today we talk about the characteristics of 3 D and DB.

mink lashes sample pack

Natural eyelashes — 3D

There’s three lashes I mentioned in D sample pack 1, and I’ ll find out today. 3D lashes are 16 mm. long The length of eyelashes in our normal people is generally 12 mm, so 3 D eyelashes wear very naturally. Is the European and American white people wear a sense of hierarchy of natural style.

mink lashes sample

Authentic black — DB

DB is 25 mm. in length This is more than twice as long as normal eyelashes. So DB is more suitable for black people to wear, this eyelash is longer, it does not look as natural as 3 D eyelashes.

mink lashes sample

New eyelash box

This butterfly girl eyelash box is specially launched for sample bag. The main purpose of introducing the sample package is to facilitate customers to purchase. The four plastic eyelash boxes can contain eight pairs of eyelashes. the plastic eyelash box have several styles for you to choose.

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