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Eyelash sample pack designed for customers in 2021

In the first days of 2021, I met some customers who had difficulty choosing eyelashes. If you spend a lot of time worrying about which style of eyelashes to choose, I think it is not worth it. There are also some customers who have just started the eyelash business and want to see if our eyelashes can help them increase their profits and whether they are really worth buying. But they don’t know how to choose eyelashes. In order to bring convenience to all customers, Proluxurylashes launched 4 eyelash sample pack in this new year.

Eyelash sample pack 1: mink lashes sample pack

The sample packs are all mink eyelashes. It contains 4 series of eyelashes, a total of 8 pairs. All eyelashes are 100% pure mink. 4 plastic eyelash boxes are free.
You can choose these eight pairs for purchase, or you can choose one style for multiple purchases or multiple styles for multiple purchases.

eyelash sample pack 1

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Eyelash sample pack 2:  material mixed sample pack

This sample bag contains 2 kinds of eyelashes. 4 pairs of mink lashes , 2 pairs of vegan eyelashes. Some customers may require eyelashes of different materials, so Proluxurylashes specially launched this sample pack. This will make it easier for customers to choose and save more time.

eyelash sample pack 2

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Eyelashes sample pack 3: environmental protection sample pack

This sample pack contains our latest eyelash box and paper lashe tray. The main focus of this sample bag is environmental protection. Paper pallets are currently on the market, and only we have them. These two eyelash boxes are also environmentally friendly series. We advocate protecting the environment and contributing our own strength to nature. Both the eyelash box and the paper tray are biodegradable. The paper eyelashes tray in the sample pack are free.

eyelash sample pack 3

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Eyelash sample pack 4: vegan lashes sample pack

This sample pack is a vegetarian series. Some customers think that using mink eyelashes is very cruel and they like vegetarian eyelashes very much. This sample pack is for vegetarian wholesalers. Contains two series of eyelashes and 5 eyelash boxes. Four of the plastic eyelash boxes are free.

eyelash sample pack 4

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These four sample packs are carefully designed by Proluxurylashes, everything is for the convenience of customers to choose, if you are interested, please contact me.

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