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Why launch sample packs

New sample pack Promotions Introduction Advertising!!!2021 is a new beginning, so Proluxurylashes has launched a new sample pack to facilitate new and old customers to choose eyelashes.Many customers are very tangled when choosing eyelashes. Proluxury’s latest eyelash sample pack helps you solve this problem.

The eyelashes in all sample packs can be selected

Sample pack 1 :$79.9 mink lashes sample pack FREE Plastic eyelashes boxes!!!

The lashes in this sample bag are 100% pure mink. Our mink fur is high quality Siberian mink fur.

This sample package includes:3D07、3D59、DB327、DB334、DM12、DM17、DX004、DX005 and 5 lashes boxes

Sample pack 2 : $49.9 material mixed sample pack Free lashes boxes !!!

This sample package includes DM08、 DM10A、 DX001、 DX003、 DW06、 DW03.This is a combination of vegan eyelashes and mink eyelashes.

Order within five days to get a paper eyelash box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sample pack 3:$ 39.9 environmental protection sample pack lashes tray Free!!!

The main focus of this sample package is to protect the environment.The paper tray and two new eyelash boxes are environmentally friendly.

This sample package includes:DB307、DH014、DX004 and new lashes box and paper lashes tray

Only Proluxurylashes has paper lashes tray!!!!!!!!!!!

Sample pack 4:$19.9 vegan lashes sample pack Free lashes boxes!!!

These eyelashes are all vegean eyelashes, which are launched for vegetarians. They are made of silk and chemical fibers.

This sample package includes:DW11、DW05、3DS001、3DS042 and 5 lashes boxes

The above four sample packs are all launched for the convenience of customers in choosing eyelashes. watch carefully New sample pack Promotions Introduction Advertising.If you have any questions, please consult me!!!

New sample pack Promotions Introduction Advertising

New Arrivals Eyelashes Promotions Introduction Advertising

It coincides with the anniversary. To thank our customers for their continued support of our ProluxuryLashes brand, our new hybrid eyelash set is free of postage. This set includes 3D09A,DQ06,DM03,DH004,3D22C,DQ08,DM05,DH006,DW06 and DW04eyelashes, there are 10 pairs in total, and the price is only $99. As a high-end eyelash manufacturer, we have always been committed to providing the best products. This discount is unique in history. Many novice eyelashes often hesitate because of the transportation cost when choosing their favorite eyelashes.

New sample pack Promotions Introduction Advertising

There is no need to consider this issue when buying this set, because the transportation cost of the set is borne by us, and the delivery fee is free! We will continue to work hard to launch more and more new high-quality mixed eyelash package.

More eyelashes boxes can be click here to enjoy the selection, there is always one you like.

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Q: What is the minimum order of the eyelashes?

A: No MOQ for sample order.

Q: Do you accept OEM and ODM?

A: Yes, sure. We can customize your logo and packing, according to your requirement, OEM  and ODM are warmly welcome.

Q: How do you ship the eyelashes and how long does it take to arrive?

A: Usually we use DHL, UPS, FedEx and so on, shipping time 3-6 workdays

Q: How can we check the quality?

A: We can offer to you free samples first any type you want, so you can check our quality of eyelashes first.

Q: Why do you choose us?

A:We have our own factory can give you the wholesale price with the best quality and service and can product you want types eyelashes, also offer to you quality inspection report!

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