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People’s Pursuit Of Long Eyelashes

In this era, People have a special pursuit with Mink Lashes, Especially Americans. They think that Long Lashes are the most beautiful standard. It may be the reason that they play with Barbie when they were young. In the streets of the United States, from the stars to everyone has a few pairs of 3d Lashes. When they go out shopping, They will also prepare A Pair Of Lashes in your bag.

Long Lashes
Model with Lashes are so beautiful!

So in order to have such long and thick Eyelashes like this picture, people have tried various methods.

Grafting Long Lashes

Can it last for 20 days? Grafting eyelashes glued to the eye one by one, Some of which are not completely disinfected by themselves. Many people grafted eyelashes and their eyes will be inflamed and swollen. After the grafted eyelashes are wet, The eyelashes will fall a lot, And both true and false eyelashes will fall off together. If you rub the eyebrows, You will find that your eyelashes are getting thinner and thinner.

Planting Long Lashes

The principle is to plant hair on the eyelashes. Many people find that 5-6 Lashes are grown three months after planting. The survival rate is very low. It needs to be trimmed regularly. Otherwise, It will grow as long as the hair. The key is the price maybe a little expensive.

These methods are not hurting the eyelashes…. or hurting the wallet, Is there no way to be safe, Effective and save money? The answer is definitely “Yes!”

Long Lashes
Click this picture, Can view proluxurylashes.

Proluxurylashes allows you to have long, Glamorous and sexy eyelashes for just a few dollars. You can also try different styles. The pair of eyelashes can be used 20-25 times. This is really cheap and convenient!

If you don’t want to pass the Long Lashes, Then choose Proluxurylashes! Let your eyelashes grow longer and thicker, Making you more beautiful and sexy!

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