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Design story behind private label vegan lashes-Narcissus

private label vegan lashes give you the best wishes

The eyelash design of the legendary series has come to an end for the time being. Last week, the designer team headed by Mr. Oscar discussed and agreed on the design theme of the next series of private label vegan lashes, the Flora series, and silk eyelashes for vegan. The first eyelash in this series is called Narcissus, and the design concept comes from the beauty represented by Narcissus.

“Narcissus comes from the ancient Greek word of the same name. In that language, the word meant “narcotic.” The word was also used in a Greek myth about Narcissus, who was a young man that fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water.As the story goes, Narcissus was so taken with his own image that he drowned in the pool. Then, in that place, a beautiful flower sprung up. According to the legend, that flower was the narcissus flower.

The most common symbolic meanings attributed to the narcissus flower are rebirth, renewal, and the coming of spring. It can also mean good luck, happiness, prosperity, and wealth. So, giving a narcissus flower or plant is a wonderful way to send your best wishes to your loved one. Therefore, the eyelashes called Narcissus also express our good wishes to our dear customers. They have many small angles crossing, with shorter inner corners and longer outer corners, which can make the wearer look more cute and sexy.” Mr. Oscar’s design team expressed their design inspiration.

No matter what the series, the eyelashes designed by Mr. Oscar and his team will always have a deep meaning rather than simply making them casually. I have a hunch that the eyelashes of the Legend series will also be a favorite design. Please join me in looking forward to more and better eyelash products.

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