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Proluxury Lashes New Style Eyelashes-40mm lashes

Proluxurylashes is customer-centric and hopes to help customers complete their mink lashes business. Therefore, Proluxurylashes eyelashes are always the best eyelash quality, and it is possible to design new eyelashes continuously. Only when we continue to design new eyelashes, our client can take the lead in entering his mink eyelashes market. Better occupy the eyelash market.Recently, we designed two 40mm 3D mink eyelashes.

40mm 3D mink eyelashes

Today, let me briefly introduce these two 40mm eyelashes.
We gave two names for the two eyelashes, namely Black Cat and Witch. Because our customers are gradually crazy orderers before the typical two eyelashes to dress up.

The 40mm eyelashes are much longer than the 25mm eyelashes. It is an excellent choice for those who like to participate in fancy dress parties and free-minded people.

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For eyelash merchants, we have prepared the following 40mm eyelashes display board, our 40mm eyelashes are limited to 200 pairs.

The 40mm long mink eyelashes will always attract people’s attention whether it is for Halloween or Christmas. Black Friday shopping month is coming soon. In addition to promotional activities, eyelash merchants always have other products that attract buyers. 40mm eyelashes are a good choice.

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ProluxuryLashes will launch new eyelashes based on changes in social trends. While ensuring the quality of eyelashes, the style of eyelashes is the best. Let our eyelash businesses occupy the market faster and gain greater advantages.