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Proluxurylashes–Eyelash Extensions, False lashes Manufacturer 

Proluxurylashes–100% Hand-made Mink Lashes, Cruelty-Free False Eyelashes from Factory is Natural-looking, Lightweight and Comfortable, Top Quality False Lashes Factory is Easy to apply and remove, Reusable. In our lashes factory you can get Luxury Customized Box and Best Quality False Lashes. Fast delivery and dropping shipping is Available, Come to shop.

Recently, Our company’s 3D Mink Lash Orders have been growing, Not only have many old customers returning orders, But also many new customers have joined us to Improve The Eyelash Business with us. Below is a video of our colleague package the lashes:

Of course, Our transaction is not 100%, And many customers have found us. After asking the Mink Lashes Price, There will be no trace, And they may feel that our price is expensive. However, I want to say to these people: The procurement festival is coming in September, And our products are in short supply. You can see how many Mink Lashes 3D do we send every day? We have been in this industry for 11 years, We only know the market where Good Quality Lashes 3D will win. In the past 11 years, We have been committed to high-end, Not only has the number not decreased, But has been rising. I hope you can understand that we only Make High Quality Eyelashes!

Support you to order our Mink Lash Samples to check the quality! We have confidence in our products!

PROLUXURYLASHES—The most Professional Eyelash Supplier, The most reliable partner!


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