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Proluxurylashes–Introduction Of Two Pink Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Speaking of pink, It is the girl’s favorite color, Pink symbolizes beauty and happiness, Proluxurylashes in order to better meet the needs of customers, Not only continue to lunch New Style 3d Mink Lashes, But also launch two New Pink Eyelash Boxes a few days ago, It can be said that it is very beautiful, Can satisfy your girl’s heart.Let’s first look at a video:

Let me briefly introduce these two Lash 3D Packaging Case.

First: Pink glitter box

This is a Rectangular Lash Box with a skylight on the box. The whole Mink Lash Packaging Case is shiny and very attractive. If you like pink and like sparkling, then this is the best choose. Below is a photo of this box:

The second paragraph: pink pattern

This is a Square Eyelash Packing with a skylight on the box. There are some small flowers on the box. This is a very delicate box. It is not only very beautiful, But also very luxurious. It has a Chinese style, Which is my favorite Lash Packaging Box. This is a photo of this box:

This is a brief introduction to these two Mink Eyelash 3D Boxes. Which one do you prefer? I personally prefer the second one!

Want to know more about the eyelash box? Click here!



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