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Design story behind real mink strip lashes-Gaia

real mink strip lashes, Source of beauty

In today’s design sharing meeting, many designers shared some of their own design ideas. The most popular and attractive one is still the new real mink strip lashes of Mr. Oscar’s legendary series, which is called Gaia. Everyone is listening carefully to Mr. Oscar’s account, and I also took notes and wrote down the key content.

Gaia is the mother of the gods in Greek mythology, the most respected and prominent god among all gods, and the first super-primitive god, the first true creation god, and one of the original natural forces that can create life. Her appearance marks the beginning of chaos from disorder to order, and it also marks the beginning of all things. Just like Gaia creates everything, our eyelashes create beauty. We hope to create amazing effects for the wearers of this eyelash so that they can have the beauty that they did not have before. These real mink strip lashes have naturally curly hair and natural length. They have short outer corners and short inner corners. The longest eyelashes are in the middle, and there are many small angles. They are carefully designed to make your eyes full of passion and confidence.

The eyelash design of the Legend series is also coming to an end. I believe that many people are as full of reluctance as me, but design and innovation never stop, and beauty never stops. All the designers of ONLYCANAS including Mr. Oscar will use the most sincere heart to create excellent products one after another. I hope everyone will look forward to it with me.

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