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Important! Keep good relationship with eyelash supplier

As you sell more and more lashes, maintaining a relationship with the eyelash supplier becomes increasingly important for the stability of your business. As your eyelash business continues to grow, you need to make sure you get a lower price and faster service. Ignoring suppliers can lead to failure of your purchase order, loss of customers, and a host of other dire consequences.

Your relationship with eyelash suppliers, like any other, needs to be nurtured over time. So, what steps should you take to cultivate good relationships with suppliers?

relationship with eyelash supplier

Frequent communication 

Communicate and coordinate with suppliers only when purchasing, which will limit your understanding. In addition, it becomes difficult to communicate and negotiate in emergency situations, resulting in significant delays in purchasing products from suppliers. Maintain good relationship with suppliers is most importantly, keep regular contact with them. This means that regular communication with your suppliers will form a unique bond that will make it easier for them to meet your needs, especially when they are most needed.

Payment on time 

Make sure you pay on time. Pay your bills on time!You can negotiate favorable payment terms before you place an order, but once you place an order, don’t violate or try to change the rules. If you can’t, call your supplier and tell them why and when to pay. Don’t play with your supplier’s cash. Don’t pay late, or even not pay at all, which will create a bad impression directly, which in turn will spread bad word of mouth among other suppliers. Paying on time will help you automatically build a unique trust that will help you strengthen your relationships with suppliers.

Provide reasonable delivery time 

Give suppliers as much lead time as possible for your order. Unless you have a special emergency. Providing suppliers with sufficient lead time enables them to reasonably arrange production between different orders and also ensures the quality of your goods.

Share your information 

Share information. Because you and your suppliers may be located in different countries and regions, some information does not spread quickly. Keep your suppliers informed of trends in your region, the dates of promotional holidays, and the sales of the products you order. This will help your suppliers get a complete picture of you and provide you with current products. You can also get products that are more marketable. Start your eyelash business better.

Win-win cooperation is the perfect relationship with eyelash supplier, which can bring huge benefits to both of you. Proluxurylashes adhering to the principle of responsibility for customers, want to establish a win-win relationship with you, let’s do the best eyelash business together.

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