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Design story behind strip lashes mink-Pasodoble

25mm eyelashes express your desire for freedom and love, and the pursuit of a happy life

The first few eyelashes of the passion series have received great response in the market, and the Oscar design team has never stopped their progress. Today, all designers are discussing the next strip lashes mink theme in the meeting room. Mr. Oscar also took out his travel photo album to find inspiration for eyelash design with everyone. This three-month trip made Mr. Oscar’s memorial album rich in content, everyone watched it together and actively expressed their ideas. When the album turned to Spain’s travel commemorative photos, some designers suddenly got inspiration.

This is a photo taken by Mr. Oscar while watching a bullfight dance in a Spanish theater. The male partner is as majestic as a matador, strong and mighty. There is no twisting movement of the hips, and the footsteps are clean and neat, accompanied by melody-style dance music, giving people a fearless spirit to move forward. The female companion has a red shawl, heroic and charming. Their clean movements seem to break through the photos and appear before our eyes. Someone suggested, “Can the theme of this design be bullfighting? “Some designers agreed. “In fact, I would prefer the jazz dance in the previous photo as the theme. They feel more elegant. “Designer Lily said and also got some support. Finally, everyone began to vote, the bullfighting dance won and became the subject of this eyelash design.

“Pasodoble is a Latin dance that originated in France and is popular in Spain. It is a dance that imitates the movement of Spanish bullfighters. The Pasodoble dance originated from the bullfighting sport, reflecting the Spaniards’ desire for freedom, worship of the brave, and the pursuit of love and a happy life.” Mr. Oscar added his knowledge of Pasodoble and summarized everyone’s design concepts. “This eyelash design can be criss-crossed in different sizes, with neat and small eyelashes, so that they can fully show the wearer’s passion and flexibility. I also hope that they can express their desire for freedom and love, and the pursuit of a happy life on behalf of the wearer. “

Just like this strip lashes mink called Bullfighting Dance, the Oscar design team always hopes to express some deeper blessings and pursuits through eyelashes. I also believe that they will design more and more excellent works, the next one in the Passion series The eyelashes will certainly not let you down.

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