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Sustainable Development, ProluxuryLashes act!

The Biodegradable & ECO-friendly eyelash set is now on sale!

According to the instructions on the Natural Environment website, a plastic product needs at least 400 years to be biodegraded and has the following effects:

“Natural Environment” magazine estimates that approximately 100,000 sea turtles and other marine animals die every year in plastic products or are mistaken for food.

In Australia, 50 million plastic products are discarded as garbage every year, and the “plastic soup” patches in the Pacific Ocean (twice the continental United States) account for about 80% of the ocean.

For the sustainable development of the earth, proluxurylashes has taken action. After the efforts of us and our partners, we finally created a completely ECO-friendly & Degradable eyelash set. Let’s take a look at this great product across the ages.

What is an ECO-friendly & Degradable eyelash set?

The ECO-friendly & Degradable eyelash set refers to the eyelashes, the eyelash packaging box and the eyelash tray are both ECO-friendly & Degradable. After the product is discarded and buried in the soil for 90 days, it will naturally degrade into harmless substances.

Biodegradable wand eyelashes

In the spring of 2020, Proluxurylashes launched the wand vegan eyelashes. Wand vegan eyelashes are the first fully biodegradable eyelashes. It has the lifelike effect of mink eyelashes, and is soft, light, and not easily deformed. At the beginning of selling, it has been liked by environmentally-loving consumers around the world and has become one of the best-selling eyelash series of ProluxuryLashes this year.

Biodegradable eyelash packaging box and eyelash tray

The Biodegradable & ECO-friendly eyelash set are made of ecological natural plant fibers. Most importantly, we do not add other materials, so all formed pulp products can be completely biodegradable in a short time.

Moreover, the entire production process meets the requirements of environmental protection, low water consumption, and no waste of waste water or gas generation during production. Extremely friendly to the environment.

Mission of ProluxuryLashes

Our mission: Always provide customers with the most high-end eyelash and services, so that each partner continues to profit.

In the era of deteriorating global environment, if we want to ensure that each of our partners continues to profit, the only way is to take the path of sustainable development.

We believe that the highest-end eyelash products must be ECO-friendly and socially responsible.

There is an old saying in China: Sand gathers into a tower, although for the entire environmental protection cause, one person’s power is very weak. But ProluxuryLashes hopes to make the future of the earth as better as possible through its own actions.

Join ProluxuryLashes! The world is waiting for you to change!

We and you will open a new world!

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