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Eyelash business under the lockdown in Australia

Just today I received some urgent news. Because of COVID-19, Australia is about to be locked down. People cannot leave the city they are in, and people outside cannot enter Australia. International express delivery is also prohibited. This is a fatal blow to Australian eyelash businesses. Because eyelashes are used as fast-moving consumer goods. The cycle is short, orders are frequent, and sales are fast. Add the words that cannot be transported internationally. Australia’s own eyelash businesses are facing a shortage of eyelashes in bulk australia and demand exceeds supply. In this case, how should Australian eyelash businesses deal with it?

Order enough goods as soon as possible

The most effective way for Australia’s eyelash businesses to close the country’s shortage of goods is to order enough eyelash products in advance. Why is this the most effective method? The first eyelash product has no shelf life. As long as it is placed in a dry and cool place, it will not deteriorate in 10 years. Eyelash merchants can confidently order boldly. Even if the sales are not completed during the closure of the country, the sales can continue in the future. Second, during the period of the country’s closure, the people of Australia cannot do online transnational shopping, and the local online shopping and the real economy will surely grow rapidly. As a consumable, eyelashes will surely increase their sales. Below I will show some new styles of eyelash products launched by ProluxuryLashes.

In a fully enclosed situation, new things and new products can always attract people’s attention and guide people to purchase.


No one knows when COVID-19 will disappear. No one knows how long Australia’s lockdown will last. No one knows who will be the next country to be sealed off. Therefore, for Australian eyelash businesses, hoarding goods quickly these days is the best choice. For eyelash merchants in other countries, purchase goods in a planned way. Ensure that your goods can be a sudden situation.

No matter how the world changes, people’s lives will continue. As an eyelashes supplier in bulk australia, ProluxuryLashes will stand with eyelash merchants all over the world to deal with various difficulties.

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Preparing for the eyelash career in 2021

2020 is coming to an end, and many things have happened this year. There are good things and bad things. The good thing is that I have met many eyelash businesses who want to make the eyelash business bigger. The bad thing is that COVID-19 has broken out all over the world. The year 2020 will always pass, and people should also adopt a good attitude. Look ahead. The same goes for the eyelash industry. The 2020 eyelash styles may face the risk of becoming obsolete in 2021, and the same is true for eyelash boxes. People’s aesthetics changes every year. Below I will introduce several new styles of eyelashes and eyelash boxes. With ProluxuryLashes’ understanding of fashion, I believe it will lead the fashion trend in the eyelash industry in 2021. Below are the 2021 new eyelashes. This is the new lashes for 2021

40mm mink eyelashes

At the beginning of the eyelash industry, there were only 13mm, 16mm and 20mm false eyelashes on the market. But as people continue to expand the concept of openness, eyelashes of 25 mm and 28 mm have gradually appeared. These eyelashes are widely used in daily wear. As the best eyelash manufacturer in the country, we have launched cross-era 40mm mink eyelashes. Our initial positioning of this eyelashes is to be used in stage shows, fancy dress parties, and festive dresses. For example, wear these eyelashes on Halloween, Christmas or cosplay. And after our investigation, as people continue to expand the concept of openness, this part of the market is also expanding.This is the 2021 new eyelashes.

Gradient eyelashes box

In 2020, the environment is deteriorating day by day, and there is a trend of environmental protection all over the world. We also introduced environmentally friendly gradient eyelash boxes and environmentally friendly eyelash holders. The eyelash box of this color can give a feeling of sea and blue sky. Make people feel comfortable, this box is also made of all environmentally friendly materials. Will not cause any pollution to welcome.

Fashion trends are changing every year, and what we can do is to guess this trend as much as possible. In the days to come, we will continue to launch new products to face 2021, and let the eyelash merchants who cooperate with us occupy as much market as possible.

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How to quickly grow your eyelash fans through instagram

The way to sell eyelashes online is getting more and more popular. Ins is also a very effective way to promote your eyelashes business, but how to quickly grow your instagram eyelash fans?

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Instagram is actually a Pinterest-like image website on mobile. It is very popular among young people nowadays. It is a visual social community with mostly female users, young people, and a lot of literary youth. It is a platform with a bit of art and tune. Very popular among young people and internet celebrities~

So how to build your own instagram eyelash fans quickly?

Improve your information

You must perfect yourself first. Especially the avatar, and a brief introduction to your eyelash business are very important. This is the first sense. Make your eyelash portrait taller, and the description should be impressive. Your avatar is the first sense you give to people, and it is very helpful for attracting fans.

instagram eyelash fans

Second, to show the identity of your eyelash business, you must register a business account, so you can see your own dynamic data analysis, such as the number of visitors, the number of link clicks, the number of bookmarks, and so on.

Use eyelashes instagram filters

A popular feature of Instagram is its powerful filter. I have been using it before, and the effect is really good. The pictures taken are very nice! For example, a picture of eyelashes can use four different types of filters. Mirror production. Each type of eyelashes becomes an atlas.

Link with other social media

Don’t let ins become your island. Whenever you ins publish eyelashes or boxes, you can write a blog about such eyelashes and eyelash boxes. To briefly describe this box. You can put the link of your mall in the ins. Let customers follow your ideas, from viewing pictures to browsing content to purchasing products, click without interruption.

These are the easiest ways to grow ins fans and guide customers to buy goods. Beginners can try it. If you have any problems or want to know more about ins promotion or online promotion, please leave a message below or contact me at any time.