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What kinds of eyelashes are there?

False eyelashes are cosmetic. Artistic design is used for the eyes, instigated between the eyelashes to show a spirit-like temperament. Many fashionable women like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Correct use of them can make your eyes clear and moving. Therefore, pay special attention to the materials and occasions when using it and choosing the best eyelash vendor. In this blog, I will basically take you through the types of false eyelashes.

Some eyelash displays(best eyelash vendor)

According to the production process

According to the production process, false eyelashes can be divided into the following types: handmade eyelashes, semi-manual eyelashes, machine eyelashes. Only the best eyelash vendor can provide high-quality eyelashes!

Handmade eyelashes: Hand-made, the eyelashes are pulled up one by one, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. However, the process is complicated and the output is manually limited.

Semi-manual eyelashes: The first few steps are done by the machine, and the next two steps are also done by hand. The finished eyelashes are relatively smooth and beautiful.

Mechanism eyelashes: mainly machine-made, but also a small part will use artificial. The product has sameness appearance, low cost and large output.

According to the use of scene and show the effect

Cloth doll eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, personalized false eyelashes, holiday eyelashes.

Daily Eyelashes: Wear light and easy. They are natural and beautiful.

Red-Carpet eyelashes: After wearing, the three-dimensional sense of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photography makeup, stage makeup, etc.

Stage eyelashes: A uniquely designed eyelashes that are longer and thicker than other types of eyelashes, suitable for drama, stage performances or special makeup.

Holiday Eyelashes: Specially worn for Halloween, Ghost Festival, carnival, football Festival, etc.

Classified by material

Can be divided into fiber eyelashe, animal eyelashes (horse lashes, mink lashes, feather eyelashes), colored eyelashes, etc.

Most commonly used false eyelashes are synthetics, they are a combination of silk and plastic materials, inexpensive and often does the job well. Also you can easily start on another pair if you made a mistake trimming one. They are affordable and can be used up to and more than 4 times. Certain synthetics are quite dramatic, with very bright color and outrageous shapes for special occasions.

Animal eyelashes include horse lashes, and mink lashes. Animal hair and eyelashes usually cost a little more. They are very light and natural looking, shiny and expressive. There are so many eyelashes, but the best eyelashes are mink eyelashes. Mink lashes are light, soft, fluffy, layered and look more natural. They are most similar to our own eyelashes. Different lengths and curls can meet different needs.

Stylish and elegant 3D mink eyelashes
Stylish and elegant 3D mink eyelashes

Color eyelashes, as the name implies, are brightly colored eyelashes . Colored lashes are for proms and parties, where you want to look bold and edgy. Moreover, they are also considered to be a crucial for theaters and photo shoots makeovers, where you need to add more depth to your facial features.

A pair of colored eyelashes

The best eyelashes for you are the best eyelashes. We are a professional mink eyelash manufacturer and the best eyelash vendor. We have been specializing in the eyelash production line for 15 years. We have a professional team to design and sell our products all over the world. Here must be the most suitable eyelashes for you!

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2020 the most popular colored eyelashes

Rainbow hair is the beauty trend that consumed Instagram and Pinterest in 2015. A request for blue, green, pink, or purple strands is now considered the norm in hair salons. But it looks like the color trend has trickled down to another area of hair: eyelashes. You will see that some bold beauty lovers’ love for false eyelashes has reached a new height–colored false eyelashes.So what are colored eyelashes? What 2020 the most popular colored eyelashes.This article will introduce you to colorful eyelashes.

Colorful false eyelashes(2020 the most popular colored eyelashes)

What colors do colored lashes have

Colored eyelashes come in many colors, blue, green, brown, red, purple, coral… Colorful colored eyelashes can add a touch of color to any eye shape and make your eyes stand out.

For example, purple makes green eyes appear much more intense and also works well on brown eyes to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Green works best paired with hazel eyes for a beautiful wash of color, while blue helps blue-eyed girls make a bigger impact and also brings out the natural beauty of brown eyes.

What is of importance is that colored faux eyelashes and colored eyelash extensions are the secret to making your eyes pop.

The advantage of colored eyelashes

Celebrity lash expert, Clementina Richardson, just introduced them to her studio offering this month and has already received an overwhelmingly positive response. “The #1 benefit to getting colored lashes is that they are designed to enhance your natural eye color and shape of your eyes even more than traditional lash extensions,” she tells us. “Colored lashes also help you express your individuality, the subtle pops of color create a flirtier, sexy appearance.”

In addition, each colored lash set is made of synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that maintain a natural and comfortable feel. Because our lash extensions are applied individually to each existing lash. You decide whether you want to blend subtle style into a natural-toned set or go all out with a full set of bold colors. You can even up the ante with sparkled or jeweled lashes, which add flirty flair when applied to the outer corners of the eyes.

Color eyelashes suitable for the occasion

Honestly, when I first saw this trend dominating the Internet, I wasn’t so convinced I’d ever want to add in baby purple hairs or rainbow colors to my lash line either. But as it turns out, besides being a photo op, they can do a lot for your look—perhaps even more than your standard false eyelashes.

We’ve got all your favorite colors for every holiday or themed special occasion: jewel tones for Easter and springtime; red, gold, and silver for Christmas and New Year’s; pink and purple for Valentine’s Day.

And we’ve even got Seahawks blue and green so you can show your team spirit when NFL season rolls around.

Buy color eyelashes, find ProluxuryLashes. ProluxuryLashes best-selling eyelashes now including color eyelashes, there are a variety of colors to choose from. The new color impacts the eyelashes and enhances the natural color of your eyes. The charming eyes look flawless from any angle.

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